Make Your Website and Social Media Posts Stand Out (on a Small Business Budget)

By Les Cseh on September 13, 2022

If you want clicks, shares and a memorable brand, you need awesome images.

This is a big problem for small business owners. They need awesome photos and videos to win attention on social media and on their websites.

However, small businesses aren’t likely to have million-dollar marketing budgets. They aren’t even likely to have $10,000 marketing budgets.

So how do they get shares 😍, likes 👍, comments 💬 and clicks 👈 without wasting a huge amount of time and money?

Why Not Just Shoot Your Own With Your iPhone or Android?

It’s true that iPhone and Android cameras are now so fantastic that anyone can shoot a decent picture and video. However, there is more to it. Put an artist behind the same lens and the result will tell a story, “pop”, or evoke emotion.

Now add proper lighting and audio and, in the right hands, the image and video reach their full potential. This type of quality is what makes the biggest difference.

When someone sees your social post or website, they form an impression in less than 1 second! So no matter how great your copywriting is, no matter how great the product or deal is, in 1 second many people will already have subconsciously made a connection or gotten turned off.

So, if you want to powerfully connect with your audience and have them engage, you need more than just a snapshot.

When Momo is Behind the Lens

Momo loves working with small businesses and looking for ways to put a message or story behind images and videos. He is always thinking outside the box so that the results are not the same old, same old.

When he studied photography in college, he showed such creativity that his professor offered him a job in his high-end studio.

Momo tells a story about wanting to portray the hard work and toil of a farmer’s life. He made the challenging arrangement to shoot a picture of the foot of a farmer’s wife against clay to capture this.

You can see some of the wide range of his work at his website portfolio:

He also has experience in cinematography and is certified in high-end Arri Alexa cameras. With this skill, experience and creativity, imagine the results he can come up with for social posts and websites.

The Other Half – Solid Business Sense

The more an artist has to deal with all the things that a successful business needs, the less time and creativity they have for their craft.

What are the odds that Momo (from Egypt) would meet his ideal partner Chris (from the USA), in Dubai?

Chris, a Shaman and Reiki Master originally from Minnesota, ensures a smooth business operation and experience for their clients. His beliefs give him a passion to help people heal and strive for the best life possible.


Get Affordable WOW Images and Videos for Your Social and Website

Visuals by Momo operates out of Fort Lauderdale where they are loving the weather in sunny Southern Florida. They are happy to travel to any location and their customers often ship products to their studio.

It’s easy to get started. Reach out and learn more at:



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