Minority Owned Business? A Compassionate Business Advisor Can Really Help!

By Les Cseh on September 13, 2022

Can you really start and grow your own business?

Starting and running a business can be hard, even when you have lots of education and backing.

But if you don’t have this foundation, it can feel like having your own business isn’t possible… like it’s a dream for others and not for you.

Yet owning your own business offers the promise of a good income and lifestyle for you and your family, and more control over your life.

So how do you bridge that gap and make the dream possible?

Meet Jessica Jones, a very different kind of financial advisor at Kandy Bey Financial and Novae Money.


Just some of the obstacles and overcoming them…

Jessica helps minority communities and businesses in many ways.

No credit history? Bad credit? Jessica’s program will help you establish solid credit, both personally and for your business, starting small and building to the level your business needs.

Ready to say goodbye to debt? Jessica can help you with a plan and tools to get you permanently out of

debt and provide attractive refinancing options.

Does your business need funding? Jessica’s team will work with you to ensure your business profile and

compliance is in order, and create a plan to get you to where you will qualify for a business loan.

Do you feel stuck? Jessica has been there and will coach you on overcoming the challenges in the way of your dreams.


Jessica Jones, a compassionate Financial Advisor

What connects Jessica with those she helps is that she has had to overcome many huge challenges in her own life so she really understands their pain and how powerless they can feel.

Also, Jessica is an entrepreneur herself with an online clothing boutique so she knows what it is like to run a business. She launched her online store as a way to give back and support domestic violence shelters.

Originally from Philadelphia and now in the Atlanta area, Jessica helps clients all over the U.S.

You don’t have to take the journey alone! Jessica can help you find your way forward with compassion and solutions you did not think were possible.


Share your situation with Jessica

Let Jessica know your situation and see how she can help you get unstuck and move forward!

Contact Jessica at:

(706) 610-0552



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