Anna Menjivar Brings Style and Personalized Care to her Hair Styling Clients at Her Distinctive Beauty Studio in Capitol Hill in Seattle

By Brian Pouch on April 30, 2024

Style and Personalized Care

Seattle, WA – In the bustling neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, there’s a hairstyling haven that’s all about personal flair and inclusivity owned by Anna Menjivar, also known as Anna Scissorhands.  The studio offers a unique blend of traditional and avant-garde hairstyling services. From vivid hair colors to edgy cuts, Anna’s creativity and dedication to her craft shine through every strand that she styles.

Anna Menjivar

Today, let’s dive into Anna’s journey, her passion for hairstyling, and how she makes every client’s visit memorable.

Crafting a Niche in Capitol Hill

Anna’s studio is a place where art meets individuality. Anna Menjivar, with a background in barbering and a keen eye for color, brings a unique touch to her services. “I specialize in both natural and vivid hair colors, and I love creating edgy cuts like mullets, shags, and wolf cuts,” Anna shares.

Her studio, located right on Broadway, attracts a diverse clientele from all over the Seattle Metro area. What makes her studio stand out is its atmosphere. “It’s a private space where you can truly be yourself, away from the usual salon chaos,” Anna explains. It’s not just about getting a haircut or a color; it’s about the experience. The studio offers a cozy, inclusive vibe where clients can play their own music, enjoy a drink, and feel completely at ease.

Style and Personalized Care

A Journey Fueled by Passion and Resilience

Anna’s path to opening her own studio was marked by determination and a passion for making people look and feel their best. “I started beauty school in high school but took a break to really figure out what I wanted. I eventually moved to Olympia for beauty school and then to Seattle,” she recounts. The transition wasn’t just a change of location; it was a step into a larger, more challenging world where Anna would make her mark.

The onset of COVID-19 posed significant challenges, particularly for new businesses. For Anna, it was a crucial time to navigate and adapt. “Starting my career during COVID was tough. The industry was evolving rapidly, and I had to find my place in it,” she reflects. Despite these challenges, Anna’s resilience and adaptability allowed her to thrive and ultimately open her studio.

Building a Community Through Hairstyling

Anna doesn’t just see clients; she builds relationships. “My clients range from teenagers to people in their 40s and beyond, and I cherish the diversity of people I get to work with,” she says. Her ideal customers are those looking for something more than just a conventional haircut—they’re looking for a hairstylist who listens and customizes their experience to match their individual style.

Conclusion: A Cut Above the Rest

Anna Menjivar’s journey is a testament to her talent and her commitment to providing a safe, welcoming space for all her clients. Whether you’re looking for a bold new look or a subtle change, Anna and her studio are equipped to bring your vision to life. “A Look Designed For You” isn’t just a tagline—it’s a promise.

To experience the unique ambiance and creative styling of Anna Scissorhands studio, book your appointment today. Discover why Anna Menjivar is a beacon for aspiring hairstylists and a beloved figure in Capitol Hill’s local business community.

Anna Scissor Hands | Hair Salon | 401 Broadway East, Seattle, WA, USA

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