Topical Skin brings Advanced, Accessible Skin Care to the Public

By Shawn White on April 30, 2024

Skin Care

Queens, NY – In an effort to increase public accessibility to science-forward skincare, Ewelina Aiossa launched her company, Topical Skin, by drawing on decades of experience in developing and marketing cosmetics.

Skin Care

Ewelina spent her corporate career in the professional-grade beauty sector as an in-house marketing expert for industry players. She realized that there is a difference and disconnect between the commercialization of mass beauty products and the agile application of innovative elements and cutting-edge technologies associated with indie brands.

With this in mind, she moved away from the multinationals and “big beauty” to introduce the Topical Skin line of cosmeceuticals.

According to Ewelina, “Skin starts to age around the age of 25 on a cellular level, but the aging process starts at birth.”  Ewelina formulates her products with all skin types in mind catering to adults of all ages.  The brand offers hydrating and preventative skin care products for younger consumers hoping to maintain their youthful complexion, in addition to corrective and nourishing skin care solutions for mature skin with visible signs of aging.

Topical Skin helps customers on their skincare journey and empowers the general public to take an informed and proactive approach to their skincare routine.

Through her emphasis on formulating clean and effective products with novel ingredients, Ewelina has successfully raised awareness of Topical Skin among experts and consumers alike. The brand is gaining popularity and receiving great reviews. Aestheticians and medical spas in New Jersey and New York have already taken notice, and so have beauty editors.

Ewelina is thrilled to be able to work closely with her teams in the lab creating compounds, choosing essential active ingredients, and promoting the brand to consumers.  She acknowledges that she would only market a product that she would “apply to my own face or my mother’s face,” demonstrating her strong belief in high standards of quality.

For those of you who are searching for reliable skincare with dermatologist-recommended ingredients, Topical Skin is the best option.

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