AnneCorp Literary Works: Where Imagination Meets Connection

By David Messmer on May 1, 2024

AnneCorp Literary Works Logo

McDonough, Georgia – In the realm of children’s literature and toys, one name shines brightly for its innovative approach to storytelling and connection: Annette Bentley-Smith, CEO of AnneCorp Literary Works. Her journey is not just about crafting tales; it’s about nurturing bonds and fostering imagination through her unique creation, Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales.

The Birth of AnneCorp Literary Works

AnneCorp Literary Works

Founded in 2021, AnneCorp Literary Works was born from Annette’s vision to blend her passion for writing with her desire to create meaningful connections. Inspired by her dream of incorporation and a love for literature, Annette crafted the name AnneCorp, symbolizing her commitment to weaving stories that resonate with readers of all ages.


Introducing Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales

At AnneCorp Literary Works, Annette provides a distinctive product called Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales. These plush toys aren’t just ordinary playthings; they’re interactive storytellers designed to bridge emotional and physical gaps between children and their families. Whether parents are away due to work commitments or grandparents seek meaningful gifts for their grandchildren, Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales offer a solution for connection and engagement.

Creating Connection Through Customization

Annette’s plush toys address a critical societal need by fostering connection and bonding. With customizable content, including personalized stories, songs, and messages, Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales become a vessel for shared experiences and cherished memories. This personalization sets AnneCorp Literary Works apart, offering a level of intimacy and warmth that traditional toys lack.

Empowering Parents, Educators and Caregivers

AnneCorp Literary Works serves a diverse range of customers including parents, grandparents, educators, and childcare providers. Annette recognizes the value of her product in various settings from bedtime storytelling at home to educational activities in classrooms and childcare centers. Through Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales, she empowers caregivers to engage and connect with children in meaningful ways.

Roots in McDonough, Georgia

Annette’s ties to McDonough, Georgia, run deep. As a resident since 1996 and a native of Macon, Georgia, she embodies the spirit of the local community. Her commitment to creating impactful products stems from her love for the city and its residents.

A Family Affair

In her journey with AnneCorp Literary Works, Annette acknowledges the unwavering support of her family including her husband, Danny, and her children and granddaughter. Their encouragement and understanding have been instrumental in bringing her vision to life.

Spreading Joy and Inspiration

Through AnneCorp Literary Works, Annette aims to inspire children to dream big and embrace the extraordinary. Her stories aren’t just entertainment; they’re tools for building connections, empathy, and understanding. With each plush character and accompanying tale, she invites young minds to embark on a journey of imagination and discovery.

Join the AnneCorp Family

Annette Bentley-Smith invites readers to explore the world of Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales and experience the captivating connection and storytelling. With AnneCorp Literary Works, imagination knows no bounds, and every plush toy becomes a gateway to adventure and wonder.

For more information and to shop Kobe’s Story-Time Plush-Tales, visit .

As you embark on your journey with AnneCorp Literary Works, remember that every plush tale is a testament to the power of imagination and connection. Together, let’s create a world where storytelling knows no limits, and every child’s dream has the chance to flourish.

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