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By Rick Jablonski on January 16, 2023


I had the pleasure of speaking with and getting to know the owner and founder of Wrights Resumes And Connections (W.R.A.C), Angellica Wright Ferguson-Word. I was truly amazed by the work she is doing with her organization. W.R.A.C is helping those who seek to advance in their careers or help people who are just coming to the workforce and need assistance acquiring the skills necessary to enter their desired field of work.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and now a Nevada resident, she shared how she got inspired to be a hard worker from a young age after seeing her mother’s struggles.

A rough incident rocked their worlds. Then, at fifteen years old, she found her first paying job as an environmentalist. Over the years, she continued to find an assortment of jobs to help at home. She moved out of her mother’s house and became pregnant with her first child. Yet this didn’t stop Angellica. She continued her education in college and worked full-time.

Angellica hasn’t been alone in her journey. She’s had the continued support of her mother and husband of 17 years, as well as a dearly regarded mentor who helped her during a pivotal moment in her professional life. She was faced with the decision to quit her job or drop out of her last years of school.

Fortunately, Angellica stayed at her job, graduated a couple of years later, and went on to earn more than the $15 an hour she was being offered. After graduating, she started helping those around her write their resumes and land jobs in her spare time.

She has helped hundreds through W.R.A.C., the organization she started in 2015, where she met Haili Beasly, who began as a data entry assistant in 2019 and is now proudly the director of the W.R.A.C. marketing team.

At Wrights Resume and Connections, you will get the white glove service you didn’t know you needed whether you need help writing a resume that will be seen by those jobs you’re looking to apply for, or interview training to maximize your time in front of employers and accurately communicate your skills. They also support and train students from all over the world who intern in their organization.

2023 is proving to be a busy year for this mother of three who, aside from her full-time job and running her business, is launching an app to help with all the job search-related needs. In addition, she is running her blog, where she is looking to interview and tell the stories about anyone who has been terminated from a job and wants to share their stories, welcome a new class of interns, and help more customers land their dream job.

You can find more information on the 2020 Linkedin list of African American businesswomen and the services offered at Be sure to follow their social media. Discounts are available for NON-VIOLENT felons.

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