Let Sam Dyer take care of all your dentistry needs with innovative online tools from Dental Optimizer

By Les Cseh on July 16, 2021

Sam Dyer

They say health is wealth, and we agree. A significant part of our overall health is our dental health.

Sam Dyer is the creator of Dental Optimizer. It is an all-in-one portal that can help you book appointments, ask questions, calculate out-of-pocket expenses, assess your risk for oral disease, get real-time benefits information, and more. You can think of Dental Optimizer as a nexus between providers, payers, and members. It provides a seamless communication stream between members, providers, and payers. It eliminates the chances of any miscommunication and helps you choose the best possible option for your dental needs.

Right now, it provides dental tools for Delta Dental of Oregon and Alaska. If you are a Delta Dental member, you likely already have access to these award-winning tools. Dental Optimizer removes all the barriers in the way of getting the proper dental care. Dental Optimizer also helps you get the best health care at lower costs.

Sam has been living in Oregon for the past 22 years. He is a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers and is an upstanding member of the community and a good family man. He is married and has two wonderful children. Including his team of overseas developers, 14 people work for him at the moment. He credits the CEO of his parent company for the success that they have achieved.

According to Sam, Robert Gootee, the Delta Dental of Oregon and Alaska CEO, is a visionary who has guided Dental Optimizer to success with his innovative thinking. One of the proudest moments for Sam is when his Company received the eHealthcare Leadership Award in 2018.

Dental optimizer is currently developing a Medicaid version of their popular online tools. He also supports several charities, including Tooth Taxi, a mobile dental care service, and the Big Brother Big Sister program, with which he has been involved for over 15 years. He also supports several charities, including Tooth Taxi, which is a mobile dental care service.

Sam enjoys outdoor activities with his family during his time off. He has created a great service that helps people improve their oral health at lower costs. If you have Delta Dental insurance and want to get the best dental healthcare, then you must give Dental Optimizer a try.

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