Blades of Glory Lawncare and Landscaping

By Les Cseh on September 13, 2021

Evan Stewart might seem young to some. He started his own business when he was just 16 years old. Blades of Glory Lawncare and Landscaping have been blooming ever since. Located in Fern Creek, Kentucky (just outside of Louisville), Evan and his staff of 2 others serve the Fern Creek, Jeffersontown, Preston Highway, and Middletown areas. They cater to both residential and commercial customers. Evan and his crew work around YOUR schedule, not their own. Whatever time works for you, they will fit you in.

Evan is a born and raised type of man. He currently lives in Fern Creek and grew up in Preston. The best part about Fern Creek, in his opinion, is “the community and the people”. Evan is engaged to be married this October. He enjoys motocross in his spare time. Evan also volunteers with the High View Baptist Church.

Evan Stewart

The belief system that works for Blades of Glory Lawncare and Landscaping is “Every landscaping need met with excellence and precision”. This is also the “tag line” for the company. Evan believes that no job is done until it is done the proper way, and the customer is 100% satisfied with the job. They then return a little later on to make sure everything turned out the way it was meant to look. When business is as competitive as it is in the local area (300+ companies to choose from), you do your best to treat your customer right, every single time. Evan and his crew will never leave until a job is finished.

I asked him about the most unusual experience he’s ever had. A buddy of his had borrowed a t-shirt. It happened to be a business t-shirt. He then proceeded to go out on his own and score a job working in a woman’s yard. Guess what he was wearing, while doing a not-so-great job? The woman called Evan, more than a bit upset. Evan, being the bigger man, cancels his Friday night date, and at 7 pm, loads up his equipment and goes off to the woman’s home to fix the mess. This is the kind of dedication you can expect from Blades of Glory Lawncare and Landscaping.

Evan shared with me that the most significant thing that has ever happened to him was the day he started his business. It had always been a side job to him, not the “real thing”. It helped him to realize that he would have to nurture and care for it in order to see it grow. It was something to work for and watch flourish.


Blades of Glory Lawncare and Landscaping is an ever-growing business. If you are interested in a career with Evan and his crew or becoming a new client, please reach out!.

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