Clearly Clean KC

By Les Cseh on September 13, 2021

Clearly Clean KC

Imagine you are planning your wedding. You know everything you want to do, the exact place you’d like for the ceremony to take place. Now imagine being told there is a ceremony immediately before yours, and one after yours, and you are responsible for setting up and clean up. This is where Clearly Clean KC LLC comes in and saves the day! Megan Hedden and her husband, Josh, have been providing this amazing event service in Kansas City, Missouri, and about a 50-mile radius, area for five years. The Clearly Clean KC crew will come into a venue, clean before, do the setting up, and then clean up afterward. Leaving you to do nothing but have a good time at your wedding.

Megan and Josh started out as a simple cleaning business. A client called for them to help with a venue. Once they did the first one, they realized how great the need for a specialty cleaning service such as this was. The wedding venue community is very tight-knit, therefore, Clearly Clean KC is providing services for 25+ venues. They pride themselves on working within the clients’ time frame, not when it is convenient for them.

Megan Hedden

Clearly, Clean KC has 7 employees. Megan would like to recognize and show her appreciation for every single one of them. She says “They are a very hardworking group. Without them, we would be nothing.” She says the most significant event that has ever happened, it would be COVID. The fact that she had to lay everyone off. “We were gearing up for the busiest year ever. I tried to hold on as long as I could. But there were no events, and eventually, I just had to let go”. She is so thankful everyone rebooked and the employees returned once things started reopening. Now, they are running up to three crews, five days a week.

Megan and Josh have 2 children and have lived in the area all their lives. They are huge fans of the Chiefs and the Royals. You can find them at all the parades and tailgating on game day! I asked Megan what she loves about the area, she replied with “The people. It’s such a great city. Where else can you go where even the locals wear Kansas City gear?” Megan loves spending time with her family in her spare time. They love lake life when they can.

Megan and Josh

When looking for an event cleaning service, I asked Megan what she suggests folks look for. She gave these tips, “Make sure to ask questions. Do they do the cleaning before AND after? Do they do the setup? What about scheduling? If they aren’t willing to work around YOUR schedule, look elsewhere.” Clearly, Clean KC has a 5-star review. Here are just a couple of those to show you what people think of Megan and her team: “Owners and their staff take great pride in doing the best job possible. Great company to do business with.”, and “Great service, great communication pre-event, couldn’t be happier with everything clearly clean did for our event!” With reviews like
that, no wonder they were nominated for the Best Cleaning Company in Kansas City 2 years in a row!

Clean KC

Clearly Clean KC is a growing family company. The employees are like family. The wedding community is like family. Megan and Josh are looking for more people to join their families as well. If you are interested in applying for a position within Clearly Clean KC, reach out to Megan or Josh. The services Clearly Clean KC provides are available through many wedding venues in the area, but you can also contact them directly today!

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