CEO Mike Williams Brings Midwest Fashion to the Forefront with Strictly Midwest

By Aaron Webb on March 23, 2023

Mike Williams

Kalamazoo, Michigan – Strictly Midwest, an inclusive and diverse fashion brand, is changing the game when it comes to Midwest representation. CEO and founder, Mike Williams, a Michigan native and die-hard Michigan State football fan, started the business with the intention of bringing visibility to the market and improving people’s fashion and style.

Strictly Midwest

With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and two years dedicated to the Midwest region, Strictly Midwest offers a unique experience to its customers. The brand’s flagship brick and mortar store is only opened once a month and hosts events where customers can socialize and mingle, all while purchasing and supporting the cause. The brand is for everyday apparel when you travel, and offers high-end apparel for people of all ages, races, and interests.

When asked about the brand’s mission, Mike Williams replied, “We are all about diversity and inclusion. Many customers are not aware of the street brand, and we try to bring visibility to the market that we are in.” The brand covers the Midwest region of 12-13 states, including Chicago, Detroit, and Ohio.

Strictly Midwest’s ideal customer persona includes individuals from ages 16-60 who live in inner-city areas and have a special interest in inclusion and diversity. They pride themselves on being fully committed to highlighting the region they represent in the Midwest.

Mike Williams

“I’m a part of a hip-hop group and we would travel to the East Coast and do a ton of shows. We got to let people know that the Midwest is a dope area, and you get great gear from the Midwest, MC, Hoopers, CEOs…not just entertainment,” says Williams. He also highlights the minority component of being a black entrepreneur and how it has shaped his business.

The brand is not only focused on fashion but also on giving back to the community. Strictly Midwest partners with various organizations and contributes to the United Way. They also offer special discounts to military folks and other special groups.

The tag line “Big Cities, Small Towns, Same Team” emphasizes the brand’s commitment to representing the Midwest region and its people. With a lack of reviews online, the brand’s mission and message speak for themselves, leaving customers impressed and coming back for more.

For more information, visit Strictly Midwest’s website and Instagram.

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