Get Paid While You Build and Grow Your Dream Business with Gianna Rahmani and Day Hustle

By David Leddy on March 24, 2023

Day Hustle

“The concept behind Day Hustle is as original as it is powerful because it solves the basic problem that almost every startup faces – how can you devote full-time attention to the startup when the new business does not have enough revenue to cover your living expenses?

“I have worked alongside Gianna over the weeks and months since our first meeting, drafting the necessary contracts, developing ideas, and making Day Hustle a reality. I can honestly say that Gianna’s concept has the capacity to change lives for millions of people struggling to find their best life and financial freedom.”

Jared A. Mangum, Esquire,

Taken from the Foreword to Day Hustle by G. M. Rahmani

For most people, the promise of a traditional day job leading to financial security, autonomy and quality time with family seems out of reach these days. So increasingly, many full-time workers supplement their primary incomes with part-time work or pursue additional businesses they enjoy doing. The latter is a growing phenomenon commonly referred to as a “side hustle”.

Sadly, the decision to leave a secure day job in order to build a business is an understandably daunting prospect given the sheer volume of uncertainties, risks and lack of any safety net typical of such ventures.

Gianna Rahmani

This is where Gianna Rahmani and Day Hustle come in. In short, Day Hustle offers a unique employment model called  “Angel Employment” which accepts applications from side hustlers who wish to transition from day jobs to devote themselves full time to building their dream businesses while getting paid comparable salaries and still having access to health coverage and benefits.

“This is truly an unprecedented opportunity for you to get help receiving the benefits of a day job while you grow your side hustle” says Gianna Rahmani, co-founder of Day Hustle. “This is also the central theme of my new book appropriately titled Day Hustle which is available on Amazon. If you’re interested in learning about the thought process that led to the creation of Angel Employment and the application requirements, then a great place to start is to get a copy of my book!”

Here are some memorable takeaways from my quick interview with Gianna:

Why do you do what you do?

“Despite all my successes in my day job working as an executive in the property management industry, I yearned for something more, a greater sense of balance in my life and the chance to do what I want to do to build financial well-being for my family and without compromising time spent with my loving husband of 20 years, Farhad, and my two wonderful boys. And I know this desire resonates with so many people who are shackled to the steady paychecks of their day jobs. So we take the fear and uncertainty away for people who are serious about growing their side hustles into a profitable and sustainable business.”

If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing Day Hustle, what would it be?

“Have an unwavering faith in your vision, ambition and strategies. Place complete confidence in God as well as in your own capabilities. “

Gianna and her family reside in central Florida. They own a local food truck, Feasts of Persia, and are active dirt bikers and golf enthusiasts.


If retiring early from your day job to grow your side hustle while getting paid a salary for doing so appeals to you, then grab your copy of Gianna’s new book Day Hustle available for sale on Amazon. You can also visit for further details.

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