Meet the Dreamz of Music Network: A collective of entrepreneurs providing creative services and events to develop local Pittsburgh talent

By Noemi Wilson Debriano on February 23, 2023

George Fadale

Meet the Dreamz of Music Network, a collective of entrepreneurs providing creative services and events to develop local Pittsburgh talent

Dreamz of Music Network is a collective of entrepreneurs that have come together to create events and provide services to the creative community of Pittsburgh. From booking talent to event coordination, the network offers businesses and artists a one-stop-shop for all their development and event production needs. 

“We started as the Dreamz of Music Foundation working with disabled artists to provide them studio time, music production services, talent booking, event promotion, video production, photo shoots, portfolio development, graphic design, branding and social media presence, as well as performance opportunities to turn their dreams into careers.  Now we want any artist to take advantage of our services to amplify their musical brand and artist development. We’re here to bring the creative community of Pittsburgh together. ”

This collective was founded with the goal of providing opportunities for disabled artists. Today, it continues to work with a number of talented individuals with diverse talents including musicians, dancers and DJs. Services are diverse and comprehensive to develop artists, businesses and event planners alike. The 2023 event schedule has something for everyone including live music, poetry, creative sales and more, 

We sat down with George “Doeboy$” Fadale and Phillip “EaziDuzit412” Mckenzie Read to learn more about this incredibly inspiring organization and the talented people behind it.

Q. What services do you provide?

Doeboy$: We offer comprehensive services to develop any musician, business or event. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with a wide range of businesses as well as talent within every genre. Being a collective, each partner provides services enabling us to offer you a full suite of event coordination, promotion artist and business development support. We have the experience and the connections to help you become the success you envision. We’re here to help you plan, promote and develop your talent, business or event.

Our services begin with a consultation to find the right creatives for your organization.   

For those who want to take their music to the next level, we offer studio rental, engineering, branding and production services to help make your vision a reality. It’s a similar development process for businesses as it is for artists.  We want musicians to understand that their music is a business and should be treated as such. We can even show how to create more income with NFT creation and crypto.

Q. Why did you go into this business? Is there a special story behind it?

Eaziduzit412 – I started writing music at 12 years old but unfortunately was paralyzed at the age of 19 in an altercation on Fathers Day of 2012. This injury made me a stronger human being now than I ever would have been on my feet. Prior to the injury, I ran track, played football for 10 years and even ran in the Junior Olympics. At the time, I had a nine month old baby daughter. In the blink of an eye, my entire life changed. After a few years of allowing life to pass me by, I realized that I wanted to live. The network of support that came together to help me find a way to reach my dream was overwhelming! I started writing again by using a stylus and turned my computer into a custom mobile studio. 

I realized that I couldn’t be the only one with musical talent yet limited physical abilities! My friends and supporters found solutions to push my passion by helping me bring my music forward. That experience allowed us the chance to cross-promote and from there, we grew into a collective. We wanted to offer opportunities like this to others in need. 

Using our creative nature, we find ways to accommodate any artist that may be lost on the journey of creating exposure for their music. We have a number of opportunities and platforms for you to build your brand and become a professional. We also offer guidance to help you every step of the way.  Your success is a matter of how much you want to progress and how hungry you are for success. 

For years, we’ve put on shows throughout Pittsburgh, incorporating a mixture of our disabled community and able-bodied musicians. As the demand quickly grew, we expanded to offering solutions to the creative community as well as businesses. We still work with the disabled community of course, and we offer them assistance in turning their musical passion into a career opportunity. It’s extremely fulfilling to know that I’m providing a platform for musicians to have access to production, event bookings and marketing. 

Doeboy$- Music was life for me growing up – I literally had it in my bones! My father, a passionate hip hop fan, created audio systems for vehicles which left me feeling an indescribable connection to the genre. I was determined to become a DJ and went on to DJ professionally after high school. But I wouldn’t have dreamed of rapping if it weren’t for Eazi. I always wrote music, but being around Eazi helped expand my horizons by leaps and bounds. It’s true what they say; the people you surround yourself with are integral to your success. While still in high school, our shared ambition led us to win an entrepreneurship competition our senior year, in which we opened an under-21 club featuring local talent.

During my time working as a project manager for a research and development firm, I was able to gain valuable insights into effective marketing and branding techniques. It was eye-opening to understand the complexities of business. This experience became a major asset for us. My focus was redirected after E-Z’s injury. Seeing his network of support spring into action as he continued to strive for his dreams in the music industry despite all odds was inspiring. Eazi’s dedication to his art and the connections we made to support his passion also opened my eyes to the business side of being an artist.  Before we ever calling it the Dreamz of Music Network, we created a network of like-minded individuals driven to elevate local talent. His resilience really left an impact on me and made me realize that I wanted to use my business knowledge towards something bigger than myself. 

That’s when the idea for Dreamz of Music Network came about. It started as a fundraiser to help fellow disabled musicians like Eazi, but the outcome of our first event was so much more meaningful that I knew I had to leave my position and dedicate myself full-time to Dreamz of Music Network. Knowing how brutal the music scene can be for young artists and those with disabilities, I was motivated to create a nonprofit that could help turn the tide in their favor. That’s when I decided to take the leap of faith and give up my corporate career to focus full-time on this initiative.

It’s incredible to see how our work is breaking the mold and bringing hiphop music to different venues where it may have never been heard before. We want to create opportunities for both the artist and the listener by sharing unique, local artistry with a professional look and feel. From concept to performing, we try to ensure that every step of the artist’s journey is supported. We provide them with necessary marketing tools as well. Our mission is clear: expanding our network and events means developing more artists, services and opportunities for businesses and local artists alike.

Q. If you could share one tip with an aspiring musician, what would it be?

Eazi: Make sure your music is registered, copywritten and that you have a marketing plan in place. Then, never stop grinding! Breaks are needed, but never give up on your dreams. Eventually it will work out in one way, shape or form. Set your goals so that you can achieve them. This could be by completing a song or performing in a specific event or recording studio. If you set achievable goals like this, every day in the process will be worth it. Enjoy the journey, don’t focus solely on the financial return.

Q. What’s the main problem you solve for your customers?

Eazi: There are too many young starving artists that don’t understand brand building or performance options. We want artists to understand that becoming a successful artist means treating your music as a business. Artist development includes business development. We provide the knowledge and resources artists need to have a solid foundation to be able to achieve their goals.

Doeboy$: By the same token, businesses struggle with planning, orchestrating creative solutions and planning impactful events.  Our services are affiliated with our network. We have a tremendous referral network so musicians and business have access to a truly comprehensive service.  It has been tremendously rewarding to be able to provide solutions and a network for developing musicians.  We believe that by offering these services as well as talent, we can bring the creatives and organizations of  Pittsburgh together to win by working together.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

Doeboy$: It’s a very artistic town from painters, dancers and musicians to poets. The energy here is one of a kind. We’re underrated and overlooked but we’re a melting pot of creatives that just want to be heard, seen and respected.

Q. What’s the most unusual client interaction you ever had? 

Eazi: I was performing at the LevelUp block party, one of our concert events, when I saw a young man who seemed captivated by the performance. As I’m rolling along off the stage, I hear someone calling my name from the sidelines to try to speak with me. The young man approached me with tears in his eyes and said “your performance meant so much to me. I’m so glad to have had a chance to hear your music, THANK YOU.” That’s how I knew I was doing something special. If it isn’t the music, it must be that I have the drive despite the challenges. 


The Dreamz of Music Network was also interviewed by KDKA CBS 2 News:

The Dreamz of Music Network is an excellent resource for anyone in the Pittsburgh area with a passion for creative arts. If you’re looking to take your music career to the next level, or if you’re a business owner looking to launch an event or expand your branding plan, this collective is worth looking into. To learn more about what they have to offer, visit We hope you’ll consider giving them a try and coming out to their events! Event schedule included below:


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