Chris Hull Spreads Fun and Sweetness In Vancouver, Washington

By Virginia Drew on October 29, 2023

Fun and Sweetness In Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, WA – Chris Hull has a unique but very popular business called Cloud Candy Co. that sells artisanal cotton candy.  Forget about the stuff you buy at carnivals… Chris’s cotton candy comes in several flavors and is made with an ultra-refined sugar that gives it a softer, fluffier consistency.

He started the business with his fiancee Rei Robinson and his sister Kallysta about two years ago.  Chris relates to cotton candy because he is a fun guy and cotton candy is fun too.  Chris wants to move people past the old stereotype of cotton candy so is constantly inventing new flavors.

Some of the more popular flavors include dill pickle, raspberry cheesecake, gummy bear, strawberry shortcake, peppermint mocha, and maple pumpkin spice.  Chris and his partners are trying to appeal to more sophisticated tastes and everyone who tries it loves it.  They have received very little negative feedback.

Fun and Sweetness In Vancouver, Washington

They have other fun, creative products, too.  They sell a cotton candy glitter bomb which is made by wrapping edible glitter inside cotton candy.  You can put this into a drink, and it turns the drink colorful and glittery. They are working on a hot chocolate bomb, which will be hot chocolate mixed with marshmallows and sprinkles, wrapped in either hot chocolate or peppermint cotton candy.  You can just drop this into hot water or milk and get a fun, flavorful hot chocolate.  They are also working on a cotton candy cake.

Right now, Cloud Company only sells at local events, but is planning to open an online shop within the next month or so.  There are various regulatory hoops to jump through (as well as some logistical issues), but most of that is done and they expect to hit the ground running very soon.

Cloud Candy participates in fairs, festivals, farmers’ markets, birthday parties, company parties and catering… just about any type of event that includes food.  Some recent events they participated in are Snackfest at the Portland Night Market, a hot air balloon festival, Oktoberfest and a strawberry festival.  Recently, they participated in a Pride festival with their rainbow cotton candy.  They are currently trying to get their product into local stadiums.

Chris met his fiancee, Rei Robinson, at a wedding in Florida.  He was the best man and she was a bridesmaid.  The following year he was back in Florida for another wedding and they had their first date.  Fast forward to 2022 and she moved out to Vancouver, WA, where Chris lives.  They started the business shortly thereafter.

Chris is originally from Alaska and moved to California several years ago. He soon found that the hot summers didn’t agree with his Alaskan blood, so he relocated to Vancouver in 2017, where he has family.  He loves Vancouver, including the culture, the food, the community, the weather and the proximity to the Oregon Coast and Portland, Oregon.  He and Rie live with Blaze, their Catahoula dog, and Piper, their cat.

Chris is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending his spare time hiking, rock climbing, biking, cooking and entertaining friends at his home. Chris summited 14,000 ft. Mt. Shasta and participated in a 100-mile bike trip along the California coast.

Cloud Candy does not have a storefront shop, but you can find out what events they will be attending by following them on Facebook (cloudcandymagic), Instagram (cloudcandymagic ) and TikTok (@cloudcandymagic).  Once they get the online shop going, they will do a big push with 30 – 45 days of content.

If you are in the Vancouver, WA area and want to have Chris and his team at one of your events, you can contact them via their website at

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