Discover Doggy Squat & Go: Where Pet Waste Cleanup Meets Heart

By Kaye V Love on October 11, 2023

Discover Doggy Squat & Go: Where Pet Waste Cleanup Meets Heart

McKinney, TX – Are you a proud pet owner with a yard to call your own? Imagine a space where your family can relax and your children can play freely without worrying about stepping on unpleasant surprises left by your furry companions. Look no further, because Donnie Sprague, the heart behind “Doggy Squat and Go,” is here to transform your outdoor haven into a pristine paradise.

Meet Donnie Sprague: The Man Behind the Mission

Discover Doggy Squat & Go: Where Pet Waste Cleanup Meets Heart

Donnie Sprague, a devoted father and pet enthusiast, is the proud owner of “Doggy Squat and Go.” With a twinkle in his eye and a heart full of passion, Donnie founded his business to address a common issue faced by pet owners in Texas. His journey began just three months ago, but his commitment to creating a cleaner, happier environment for families stretches back years.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

“Doggy Squat and Go,” offers a range of services designed to make your life easier:

  • Animal Waste Pickup and Removal: No more dealing with unsightly messes in your yard. Doggy Squat & Go removes the waste promptly and efficiently.
  • Pet Sitting/Pet: Need someone trustworthy to care for your pets while you’re away? Donnie and his team have you covered.
  • Pet Visits: Away from the house for an extended period? Doggy Squat & Go feeds & waters your pets, lets them out, plays with them, cleans up minor messes, and refreshes cat litter.
  • Yard Deodorizing: Want your outdoor space to smell as fresh as a daisy? Doggy Squat & Go will leave your yard smelling fantastic upon request.

Why Choose Doggy Squat & Go?

Choosing the right pet waste cleanup service is crucial. Here’s why Donnie and the “Doggy Squat and Go” team is your top choice:

  • Personalized Service: Donnie believes in the power of personal connections. He takes the time to understand your unique needs, ensuring you and your pets feel comfortable and valued. Donnie shares, “I believe in treating every client like family. When you trust us with your pet and your yard, you’re not just another customer. You’re part of the Doggy Squat & Go family.”
  • Competitive Pricing: Unlike larger corporations, Donnie offers competitive prices without compromising on quality. Donnie’s vision for Doggy Squat & Go is to keep it small and family-oriented, guaranteeing you receive top-notch service without breaking the bank. Donnie humbly adds, “I want to provide a service that’s affordable and exceptional. You shouldn’t have to choose between quality and cost.”
  • Family Values: Donnie’s unwavering dedication to family values is the heartbeat of his business. He aims to create a warm, trustworthy atmosphere for your pets and your family.

A Glimpse into Donnie’s World

Donnie’s commitment to excellence isn’t limited to his business; it extends to his life outside of work. He’s not just a businessman; he’s a loving father, an avid sports enthusiast, and a lover of life.

Donnie proudly shares, “I have a daughter and a girlfriend right now. My daughter means almost everything to me. She’s getting to be a teenager now, so it’s a bit rough sometimes, but I enjoy every moment of it. We even brainstormed a logo together recently; it’s our special project.”

Beyond being a hands-on dad, Donnie has a flair for the grill and enjoys outdoor activities. “I love to cook out and go to sporting events,” he reveals. “I’m even looking to get into pickleball and maybe frisbee golf lately. It’s challenging, and I love a good challenge.”

Choose the Right Partner for Your Pet Care

Donnie recommends interviewing potential pet waste cleanup service providers to ensure they’re the right fit for you. Look for someone who is personable, trustworthy, and genuinely committed to your pets’ well-being. At “Doggy Squat and Go,” these qualities are the cornerstone of their service.

Join the Doggy Squat & Go Family Today!

Donnie and his dedicated team are ready to take the dirty work off your hands, allowing you to enjoy a clean, worry-free yard. Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises underfoot and hello to a fresh, pet-friendly outdoor haven.

Contact Donnie Sprague today at (940) 441-2033 or email you can also visit “Doggy Squat and Go to schedule your pet waste cleanup service.

Don’t wait; your clean, happy yard is just a click away! Experience the difference that heart and passion can make.

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