Turning Tragedy into Triumph: David Dixon Paves the Way for Ex-Inmates’ Brighter Tomorrows

By Virginia Drew on October 11, 2023

the Way for Ex-Inmates’ Brighter Tomorrows

West Palm Beach, FL – When someone is released from a prison in Florida, they are given $50 and a bus ticket. After what may have been years of incarceration, this is a recipe for disaster. Most have nowhere to go, their possessions are limited to the clothes on their back, and the future looks bleak. The only way some of them know how to support themselves is what got them into prison in the first place.

David Dixon understands what released prisoners are going through only too well. He had struggles with substance abuse that landed him in prison. And, while he was in prison, his cousin (and best friend) Michael died of a Fentanyl overdose. Michael fell into a trap common to abusers… he had graduated from a substance abuse program and believed that he deserved a celebration.

David was blessed with family support and a belief in God that gave him the strength to turn his life around. Now he wants to give a hand to those who are trying to make a new start. Project Michael (inspired by and named after his cousin) is a program that gives recently released men the housing, clothing, food, discipline, treatment, counseling, and support they desperately need. He does this by working with local churches and charities. Most of the people he has helped come through referrals from local churches and are placed in local group homes.

David’s dream is to have a home of his own… Mike’s Place. He is developing a program called “Men of Integrity” which will “use all of the lessons and values found in the bible and transform the men entering this program from the inside out!” He is seeking donations from local benefactors through his website http://projectmichael.org.

He has received enormous support from both his family and local groups. He wants to thank his Mom and Stepdad, (Cathy and Jack, for their undying love and support as well as Michael’s mom (Denise Handlin), Jim Long, Casey (his sister), Glenda (his fiancée), Vaughan (his father), The Lord’s Place, Anchor House and Chris Burton, the secretary of Project Michael. Chris Burton and Chris Long have both been extremely generous, often dipping into their own pockets for recently released prisoners.

the Way for Ex-Inmates' Brighter Tomorrows

David wants to give a special thank you to the people at Christ Fellowship Church including Charlene, Claudio, Pastor Jason, Pastor Todd, Tony and Julie.  They bring the word of God into three local prisons, and without their inspiration Project Michael wouldn’t exist.  They provide Sunday services as well as conduct classes and provide books to the prisons.  Their work changes the entire atmosphere of what could be a very dreary place and gives hope to everyone they meet.

If you want to learn more about David and his mission, including ways to show your support, just go to his website at projectmichael.org. You can also follow his Facebook page.

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