Discover the Award-Winning Studio, Kick Fit Undefeated: Defying the Odds and Transforming Lives

By Aaron Webb on April 12, 2023

Kick Fit

Long Island, NY – Kick Fit Undefeated, an innovative fitness studio in Long Island, is revolutionizing the way people approach fitness and health. Combining kickboxing and functional fitness, Kick Fit Undefeated has earned a reputation for helping clients overcome personal struggles, achieve weight loss goals, and create a healthier lifestyle.

The brainchild of Joseph Marcus, a Pennsylvania-born entrepreneur who now calls Long Island home, Kick Fit Undefeated has been in business since 2017. The studio offers a wide range of programs, including kickboxing, weightlifting, boot-camps, functional fitness, and express classes. As a result, clients have access to a comprehensive fitness experience along with learning real life fighting techniques and military style boot-camp training, all under one roof.

Joseph’s dedication to his customers is evident in the carefully crafted programs and personalized attention he and his team provide. The Kick Fit Undefeated team includes coaches Jen, Jenn, Sherry, Amy, April, and Kat, all of whom contribute to the studio’s success.

Joseph Marcus KICKFIT

Having survived five heart attacks, Joseph understands the importance of prioritizing health and wellness. His personal experiences have inspired him to cater to clients with health conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Kick Fit Undefeated focuses on building a supportive community for individuals in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Kick Fit Undefeated has been recognized both locally and nationally for its exceptional services. The studio has won the Best of Long Island award four years in a row and is a nationally recognized gym for the National Academy for Sports Medicine. Joseph himself holds 12 certifications and was recently invited to FitCon.

In addition to providing top-notch fitness services, Kick Fit Undefeated is committed to giving back to the community. The studio offers a 25% discount on all services for military veterans and supports charities such as Operation Vest, Dav, Mission 22, Wounded Warriors, and Tunnel 2 Towers.

When asked for advice on choosing Kick Fit Undefeated, Joseph shared, “You don’t have to be perfect every day, but you have to move forward every day. If you want to get fit, you have to kick stuff!”

With its innovative approach to fitness, exceptional team, and commitment to the local community, Kick Fit Undefeated continues to thrive and grow. Long Island residents looking for a comprehensive and supportive fitness experience need look no further than Kick Fit Undefeated.

For more information on Kick Fit Undefeated and its services, visit their website or contact them at their Bohemia, NY location.


Socials: @kickfitbohemia on Facebook and IG

Ph: (631) 319-1786

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