Valencia Andrews Offers Support to Small Business Owners Through Two Complementary Organizations

By Ralph Horne on April 10, 2024

Support to Small Business Owners Through Two Complementary Organizations

Charlotte, NC – In the heart of the entrepreneurial world, where innovation meets passion, Valencia Andrews stands as a beacon of guidance and inspiration. Known for her dynamic approach to business, Valencia has carved a niche for herself in the consultancy realm with her ventures, She Makes Moves Enterprises and Entrepreneurs on the Rise.

Support to Small Business Owners Through Two Complementary Organizations

Valencia’s two ventures serve as ecosystems for burgeoning business owners and entrepreneurs. While She Makes Moves Enterprises focuses on business coaching, mentorship, advising and consulting, her other business, Entrepreneurs on the Rise, is a networking haven, offering resources, advising and support to small business owners.

With services extending across Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida, Valencia ensures her reach encompasses the most vibrant entrepreneurial hotspots. Her ideal clientele includes female entrepreneurs in the early to middle stages of their business journey, providing them with the tools, connections and support needed to scale their ventures.

From Healthcare to Entrepreneurship: A Leap of Faith

Valencia’s foray into entrepreneurship stems from a 20-year-long career in healthcare, coupled with an innate desire to venture into business. In 2014, armed with her 401k and a self-written business plan, she took a leap of faith. Although her initial venture faced challenges, Valencia emerged resilient, fueled by her experiences to create platforms dedicated to offering the guidance and resources she once yearned for.

“I built these companies so that I could be for entrepreneurs and small business owners what I didn’t have when I started – the help, the guidance and the hand-holding,” Valencia recounts.

Nurturing Success

Valencia’s unique touch? A relentless drive towards making authentic connections and positioning her clients for success.

Valencia says that her secret is authenticity. “I’m very up close and personal. They get to know me, and I have actually done the work. I have been where they are,” Valencia shares with pride.

The Backbone of Success: Teamwork and Partnerships

Support to Small Business Owners Through Two Complementary Organizations

At the core of Valencia’s success are her partnerships and a dedicated team that shares her vision. Highlighted members such as Nourdjan Chrisman, the multifaceted project and social media manager, and LaTrice Davis, the health and wellness coach, play pivotal roles in steering both enterprises towards their mission. Valencia credits their collective effort in keeping the business machinery well-oiled and efficient.

A Bright Future

As we reflected on Valencia’s journey and her contributions to the entrepreneurial community, it was evident that her impact transcends business advice. It’s about nurturing a culture of growth, resilience and success against all odds. As she looks towards expanding Entrepreneurs on the Rise to all 50 states, Valencia remains committed to her mission: empowering business owners to not just dream, but achieve.

Valencia Andrews embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship – bold, forward-thinking and endlessly supportive. Her story is not just one of personal triumph but a testament to the power of community and collective success in the business world. For those looking to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality, Valencia Andrews and her ventures stand ready to pave the way to success.

For more inspiring stories and business insights, stay tuned to our spotlight series on local business owners making significant strides in their industries.

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