Discovering Sunrise Navigation Travel: Your Personal Travel Concierge

By Damoniqe Askew on November 15, 2023

Sunrise Navigation Travel

Riverside, CA – When embarking on a journey to explore the world, most of us want everything to be picture-perfect from meticulously planned itineraries to seamless travel experiences. If you’re in search of a travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than Staci O’Connor, the owner of Sunrise Navigation Travel. She’s not your ordinary travel agent; she’s your personal travel concierge. Staci’s unique approach to travel planning and her commitment to providing personalized, detail-oriented services make her a standout figure in the world of travel. In this interview, we delve into Staci’s journey, her business philosophy, and what sets her apart in an industry known for its cookie-cutter solutions.

The Birth of Sunrise Navigation Travel

Staci O Connor

Sunrise Navigation Travel, as the name suggests, is all about embarking on journeys that promise adventure, excitement, and a fresh start. Staci O’Connor, the brain behind this personalized travel agency, explains the inspiration behind the name. She and her husband had a previous business, specializing in transporting classic cars, aptly named “SNT Transport,” with ‘S’ and ‘T’ representing their initials.

The name “Sunrise Navigation Travel” was born from this connection, with the SNT acronym serving as a tribute to their partnership while encompassing Staci’s passion for travel and navigation. It was about creating journeys, not just trips. Thus, Sunrise Navigation Travel was born, keeping the spirit of adventure alive.

An Array of Travel Services

Sunrise Navigation Travel offers a wide range of services from helping clients book their ideal hotels to coordinating intricate destination weddings and group travel experiences. The services cater to individual travelers as well as larger groups, ensuring that every journey is crafted to meet specific needs.  The magic happens in the customization and attention to detail. One of the standout services Staci offers is two levels of customized itineraries. Level One offers comprehensive guidance on destinations, things to do, and a rough plan.   Level Two is the ultimate personalized roadmap, detailing your day down to the minute for those who desire an exact schedule for their entire journey. It’s like having your very own travel GPS.

Staci’s meticulous planning doesn’t stop at creating itineraries. She also focuses on understanding her clients. She engages in open conversations to learn their preferences, interests, and expectations. Do they enjoy history, adventure, or water sports? Staci tailors the journey accordingly.

But Staci’s expertise goes beyond traditional travel agent services. She also acts as a travel concierge, attending events if requested or coordinating group travel, especially for destination weddings. Her role is akin to a mini-wedding planner, ensuring that guests have a seamless and enjoyable experience. Staci ensures constant communication through private social media groups, enabling seamless coordination for large events like weddings. This attention to communication enables couples to focus on their special day rather than logistics.

She takes a hands-on approach, focusing on solving her clients’ problems and helping them make the most of their travels. She’s not just about booking flights and accommodations; she’s dedicated to ensuring travelers have a seamless, stress-free experience from start to finish.

Staci O Connor

The Value of Responsive and Interactive Travel Planning

Staci’s approach is all about active engagement with her clients. She encourages open communication and responsiveness, believing that clients should actively participate in the planning process.  What sets Staci apart is her ability to listen. She goes the extra mile to understand her clients, ensuring that the trips she plans are a perfect fit.

It’s not just about advising them; it’s about working together to create an unforgettable trip. Whether it’s recommending activities, addressing concerns, or adapting to changing circumstances, Staci keeps the conversation flowing to ensure her clients’ needs are met.

The Realistic Approach to Planning

Staci’s real-world experience and keen listening skills allow her to offer a perspective that many travel agents may miss. She believes in providing clients with a realistic view of their travel expectations. Staci often begins by asking about their interests and preferences, taking into account their level of activity, areas of interest, and time constraints. This personalized approach ensures that clients have a clear and achievable plan for their journey. Her emphasis on personalization, attention to detail, and expert guidance sets her apart from other travel planners

More Than a Travel Agent

Staci  has evolved from a mortgage industry executive to a trusted travel advisor and problem solver. Staci had excelled in her career, but her work took a toll on her health and well-being.  Her transition allowed her to embrace a healthier lifestyle and focus on her family. She also realized the importance of following one’s passions and enjoying life while it lasts. She realized the importance of living in the moment, and she now helps her clients do the same.

She embodies the philosophy that travel is not just about visiting new places but about experiencing the world in a way that aligns with your interests, needs, and desires.  She advocates for finding a balance between work and personal well-being. Staci also realized that she could travel more freely by pursuing her passion for travel.

A Heart for Animals and Community

Outside of her work in travel, Staci is an advocate for supporting local businesses and communities. She believes in the importance of giving back, whether it’s donating to animal shelters or engaging with local shops and businesses. Staci is passionate about animal welfare and actively adopts animals from shelters, ensuring they have loving homes.  She donates to shelters and pounds to support their causes with the hope of  making a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Staci’s Motto: Wake Up and Go

The tagline for Sunrise Navigation Travel is “Wake Up and Go,” which encapsulates the spirit of adventure and exploration that Staci aims to bring to every traveler. It’s not just about booking a trip; it’s about waking up to new experiences and embracing the thrill of travel.


Staci O’Connor, the founder and owner of Sunrise Navigation Travel, isn’t just a travel planner; she’s a travel artist who crafts unforgettable adventures for her clients. She brings a fresh perspective to the world of travel planning. Her commitment to personalized, responsive, and interactive service sets her apart, ensuring that every journey she plans is a tailored and memorable experience for her clients.

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or someone looking for the perfect getaway, Sunrise Navigation Travel is the go-to agency for a truly unique and engaging travel adventure. Staci’s journey from the corporate world to the realm of travel planning is a testament to the importance of following one’s passion and making the most of life’s opportunities.

So, the next time you’re planning a trip, consider Sunrise Navigation Travel. Let Staci be your guide, advocate, and partner in crafting a journey that transforms your travel dreams into unforgettable memories. In her words, “You only live once, and life is too short!”

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