Unveiling the Spiritual Visionary: A Conversation with Tayana, Owner of “Make It Make Sense Spirit”

By Damoniqe Askew on November 16, 2023

Make it Make Sense Jewelry

Milwaukee, WI – In a world teeming with businesses and brands, there are individuals who stand out not just for their services but also for their deep commitment to the betterment of human lives. Tayana, the owner of “Make It Make Sense Spirit,” is one such extraordinary individual. In a candid and enlightening conversation, we delved into her business, her unique perspective on spirituality, and the profound insights she shared. Tayana’s story is one of awakening, purpose, and a relentless dedication to spiritual growth.

Tayana Thompson

Tayana’s journey as the proprietor of “Make It Make Sense Spirit” began with a powerful desire to help others find understanding and transform their lives. Her business encompasses a wide array of offerings from clothing lines to art, shadow journals, and inspirational speaking. However, what sets Tayana apart from others in her field is her unwavering dedication to spiritual protection and understanding.

One striking feature of Tayana’s business is its global reach. Operating primarily in the e-commerce space, “Make It Make Sense Spirit” transcends geographical boundaries, catering to those seeking spiritual insight and protection worldwide. Tayana’s ideal customer persona comprises individuals 25 to 40 years old, mainly religious people or those with an interest in spirituality and esoteric knowledge.

What truly sets Tayana apart from the competition is her motivation. While many businesses are primarily driven by monetary gains, Tayana’s mission transcends profit margins. She is resolute in her belief that healing and understanding lead to a better world, filled with positive interactions, and ultimately, less chaos. Tayana refuses to compromise her values by partnering with organizations motivated solely by financial gain, even if they insist on higher pricing.

In our conversation, Tayana emphasizes the importance of self-improvement, emphasizing that true growth begins with the individual. She believes that each person holds a unique piece of the puzzle necessary to create a more profound collective understanding of life’s mysteries. Her philosophy hinges on the concept that individuals should embrace their distinctiveness, accepting that true progress stems from diversity, not uniformity.

We also discussed Tayana’s commitment to volunteering and supporting various charitable organizations like Feed America and initiatives to feed the hungry and homeless. These actions reflect her belief in being a force for good and making a positive impact on her community.

The interview with Tayana highlighted the interconnectedness of spirituality and everyday life. She passionately shares her insights, emphasizing the importance of balance and authenticity, both in one’s personal journey and in connecting with others. Her words resonate, underscoring the significance of understanding ourselves before we can truly understand the world around us.

Tayana’s business, “Make It Make Sense Spirit,” is a testament to the transformative power of spirituality when pursued with genuine intent. In a world where authenticity can be elusive, Tayana stands as a shining example of someone who has made it her mission to lead people towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe. As Tayana reminds us, perfection is an illusion, and embracing our uniqueness is the path to true growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Contact Information:

Tayana Thompson

Email: makeitmakesensespirit@gmail.com

Websites: makeitmakesensejewelry.com



Facebook: Make It Make Sense Spirit

Instagram : Make It Make Sense Spirit

Tiktok: yanathagodess

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