Discovering Wellness Through Art: The Inspiring Journey of Phi Phi Artland

By Ralph Horne on April 17, 2024

PhiPhi Artland

St. Petersburg, FL – In the heart of St. Petersburg, Tampa, Florida, lies a unique sanctuary of creativity and wellness – Phi Phi Artland. Co-founded by the dynamic Sara Salem, Phi Phi Artland isn’t just a business; it’s a pioneering venture where martial arts meet fine art and wellness, creating a holistic approach to health that is as innovative as it is inspiring.

A Tapestry of Services

PhiPhi Artland - Sara Salem

Phi Phi Artland stands out for its eclectic mix of services from Muay Thai, the numero uno sport in Thailand, to fine arts classes and workshops focusing on drawing, painting, art, and craft. There’s even a murals division for commercial and residential projects. But perhaps its most distinctive offering is the mind-body division, where clients can explore yoga, breath work, sound bath meditation, and more, each designed to foster wellness through art.

Crafting a Community of Wellness

What sets Phi Phi Artland apart is its holistic approach to health and wellness. Here, martial arts aren’t just for competition; they’re a path to the wellness of mind and body, much like the other services the studio offers. Phi Phi Artland is more than just a place to learn and grow—it’s a community where everyone, from staff to clients, is regarded as a partner in the journey towards holistic well-being.

The Genesis of Phi Phi Artland

Phi Phi Artland’s origins are as colorful as the services it offers. The name, inspired by the beautiful Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, symbolizes the essence of beauty and serenity that Sara and her partner aim to bring into people’s lives. Initially a martial arts studio opened in 2021, Phi Phi Artland expanded into a comprehensive wellness hub in 2023, now offering an array of services designed to nurture both body and soul.

PhiPhi Artland - Group Photo

The Vision Behind the Venture

Sara brings a deeply personal connection to her work at Phi Phi Artland. With a background in fine arts and a transformative journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship, Sara’s vision is to help others find healing through art, sports and wellness. “Wellness through art” isn’t just a tagline; it’s a testament to Phi Phi Artland’s commitment to enriching lives through diverse modalities of art.

Claire Delong is a vibrant force behind Phi Phi Artland’s murals division, where she partners with Sara Salem to create mesmerizing commercial and residential murals. Known for her incredible talent and versatile artistic skills, Claire is not just a visual artist; she embodies the essence of creativity, bringing life to spaces with color and imagination.

Her work extends beyond the canvas, as she also engages in dance and various art forms, making her an invaluable asset to Phi Phi Artland and its mission of fostering wellness through art. Claire’s collaborative spirit and innovative approach have been instrumental in shaping the artistic direction of Phi Phi Artland, strengthening its commitment to creating an environment where art is both a form of expression and a gateway to personal well-being.

PhiPhi Artland - Group Photo

The Artistic Pulse of St. Petersburg

Sara’s choice of St. Petersburg as the home for Phi Phi Artland wasn’t coincidental. The city’s vibrant murals and artistic aura provided the perfect backdrop for a venture that seeks to transform lives through art. It’s a place where the creativity of the community resonates with Phi Phi Artland’s mission, making it a beacon of wellness and artistic expression.


Sara Salem’s journey from a corporate environment to founding Phi Phi Artland is a compelling narrative of transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and healing. Phi Phi Artland is not just pioneering the integration of martial arts, fine arts, and mind-body wellness; it’s creating a new blueprint for how individuals can find balance, creativity, and wellness in their lives.

Sara Salem’s Phi Phi Artland is more than a business; it’s a movement towards wellness through art, making waves in the heart of St. Petersburg and beyond.

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