Circadian Health and Performance Leads the Way in Sleep Therapy

By Kevin McCarthy on January 15, 2023

How often have you struggled with sleep quality? We all know the perils of a terrible night’s sleep and frequent poor sleep can lead to sickness, depression and a host of other severe ailments. Sleep is a crucial component of holistic health and is just as important as diet and exercise for a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle. However, great sleep is often neglected, misunderstood or a consistent challenge for millions of Americans.

For more than 15 years, Thomas Hinton has worked closely with professional athletes, business executives and other leaders in their fields, developing techniques to improve mental and physical health by improving sleep practices. In the world of high-performance athletics, sleep can be one of the largest mitigating factors to achieving top performance. Thomas has counseled professional MMA fighters, NBA/WNBA players, Olympians and Division 1, NCAA athletes.

Thomas, who is certified in sleep improvement by Harvard Health Publishing, opened Circadian Health and Performance in 2019 to bring sleep therapy to the public and provide his clients with a higher quality of life.

Thomas also sits on the advisory board of Project Sleep, a non-profit organization that raises awareness on sleep health and sleep conditions.  He is partnered with SleepMedRX which offers home sleep testing for screening of obstructive sleep apnea.

Growing up in Peoria, now the home of Circadian Health, Thomas saw the toll poor sleep could take on a person. Thomas, being an athlete himself, started suffering from sleep apnea which affected his performance. He lacked the knowledge and tools to help him overcome his inability to get a good night’s rest. He wished for relief and to find solutions, which were non-existent.

After the passing of his late father (a lifelong athlete) at the age of 35, Thomas suspected sleep apnea and snoring were significant contributors to his death.  He also realized that sleep apnea and poor sleep could be passed down due to hereditary factors.  From this point on, Thomas dedicated his life to bringing awareness and relief to others. Thomas relentlessly researched sleep improvement techniques and realized that many people, especially athletes, shared these same issues and that there is a significant lack of expertise in the field.

Throughout his research in working with athletes, Thomas discovered that there is a need for athletes to have a better understanding of how sleep directly impacts how they perform and recover.  The lack of sleep therapists and research led to the birth of Circadian Health.

Today, with the help of Circadian Health and Performance, sleep medicine has become an essential part of many lives throughout Central Illinois. Circadian’s service is geared toward professional athletes. However, they work with clients of all ages and walks of life. Through one-on-one coaching, group workshops and online seminars, Thomas’s expertise and sleep improvement techniques are now widely accessible.

Thomas is eager to help new clients set up a program curated specifically for them and within their budget. To Thomas’ clients, it’s clear that Circadian Health is making a difference and that sleep therapy is effective and an essential part of holistic health.

When asked about the effectiveness of sleep medicine, Thomas said: “People seeking sleep relief should be wary of guarantees when it comes to sleep medicine as these services work differently for everyone. But, in all my years of working with patients, I have never seen someone that has followed the program and not experienced significant improvements in their overall health.”

If you’re struggling to get deep and satisfying sleep, you can contact Thomas and book a free consultation at  If you value improved athletic performance, whether you’re on the high school, collegiate or professional level, the importance of sleep analysis and improvement cannot be overstated.

It is crucial to understand your sleep and find solutions to reach an optimal level.  Circadian Health can help.  Thomas offers a military discount for active service members.  When he is not aiding his clients with their slumber, Thomas enjoys paintballing and spending time with his wife and two girls.

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