Donald Schneider – Bringing Peace to the World One Entrepreneur at a Time

By Noemi Wilson Debriano on November 23, 2022

Donald Schneider

For the past few years, Donald Schneider has been guiding entrepreneurs in every sense of digital business development and creative branding to power Maslow Mission. Maslow Mission is a nonprofit organization dedicated to working towards world peace through the effective implementation of community-based solutions and fulfilling Maslow’s hierarchy of needs starting with the basic physiological needs: Food, water, shelter, clothing, education and healthcare.

Don is driven by a desire to make a difference in the world, starting with the local Cascadian Bioregion community, by establishing a business that funds a non-profit and provides the basic physiological needs for the local needy community. Maslow’s Market, The People’s Platform, is a digital business platform designed to elevate entrepreneurs so they are empowered to expand upon their sense of purpose. This software makes it easier for business owners to manage their customers, leads, marketing, communication, branding and social elements within one central place so that their businesses can grow and succeed.

Simply put, Don (who is also an internationally certified life coach) is committed to helping people achieve their full potential. This is his true passion – helping others achieve their dreams so we can all reach self-actualization.

The conglomerate of Maslow’s Mission and Maslow’s Market provides a duplicable system for true social community impact. Don has a lot to share with us, so buckle up and get ready for an enlightening read!

We sat down with Donald for a quick interview

What inspired you to develop Maslow’s Market?

“When I was a kid, mom would watch Miss America, so I had to watch with her! Often the contestants mention in their interviews that if they could do one thing, it would be to offer world peace and yet nobody did anything about it. The general consensus in fact is that world peace is impossible. Throughout life, I’ve been contemplating how we could possibly accomplish world peace.

I studied numerous religions, sociology theories and politics to examine what peace really is and how it could be achieved. Through my studies, I found compassion, serving the needy and inspiring and loving your neighbors to be the core tenant of every religion. It also became clear that the cause of crime and suffering was tied to people not having their basic human needs met. Trying to figure out how to achieve world peace was an exercise in finding the core issues that caused division within people when we are naturally social creatures.

Expanding upon my search, a friend introduced me to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The process of going from having nothing to full self-actualization is part of how we achieve world peace. Building upon yourself to fulfill your own needs and then encouraging those around you to achieve peace through fulfillment is what will allow the world to find true peace.

I’ve created a platform that can elevate anyone to economic security as it is a basic needs and safety element that affects each business owner and their employee’s hierarchy of needs.

Maslow’s Market (which I also intend to transition to a member-owned cooperative in time) is meant to operate as a profitable fundraiser for Maslow’s Mission.”

Is there a special story behind what brought you to developing Maslow’s Mission and Maslow’s Market?

“One holiday season, my family members were asking repeatedly what I wanted as a gift. At first, I didn’t want anything but my family didn’t understand. At the time I was working as a verifier with a local digital marketing agency and truly didn’t want anything for Christmas. I had everything I needed and felt discouraged seeing so many with so little. After a grand inquisition, I finally responded that I wanted to “make a big pot of soup and feed people!!” I had no idea that that moment would grow to help so many and connect so many members of the local small business community.

I’m also passionate about bioregionalism and had not yet known the impact the Cascadian community would have on my holiday wish.

After posting on social media, we were offered over 100lbs of food that was generously donated by members of the bioregionalism movement. Delivery transportation was also donated as we had other members with delivery services. We were able to transport groceries from Portland to Eugene without leaving a carbon footprint.

Another mutual aid group donated supplies from the local chef store! So we made more soup than I had possibly imagined.

Thanks to the community resources we were provided using digital marketing, I was able to deliver my family’s soup throughout the community on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Then it grew into a Sunday tradition and, due to demand, graduated to 4 days per week!

To date, we’ve served over 15,000 meals to hungry members of our community. Out of that one holiday present, my own true purpose was born.

If we meet all of humanity’s basic needs, we may be able to get the entire species out of the survival mindset. If that is possible, we may have a chance at world peace.

Once I saw this possibility, my passion evolved as I envisioned a solution to combine my knowledge of Maslow’s hierarchy with my professional experience as a digital marketing expert to empower anybody to become a business owner and succeed.

Maslow’s Market became a business to show how a community can fund a mission to create a greater impact. This platform was designed to elevate businesses and create a holistic social community effect. We aim to empower individuals to become entrepreneurs and improve efficiency for local small businesses so we can all grow together while raising funds for Maslow’s Mission.

We enable entrepreneurs to bring their business visions to life so anyone can find their sense of purpose. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners feel lost when it comes to digital marketing. We help people develop their purpose in life by offering business solutions meant to make it easier for new entrepreneurs and established business owners to achieve self-actualization.

Maslow’s Market is designed for you if you:

  • are paying too much for your CRM.
  • have no time for social media or content creation.
  • are having trouble with marketing.
  • are struggling with sales quotas.
  • need to save money while increasing revenues but have no idea how to.

We also have an affiliate program to allow anyone to make residual income on subscription sales.”

What the area do you cover?

“We can work with anyone but truly we prefer to work with local small business owners within the Cascadian Bioregion, Eugene, Portland, Bend, Seattle, San Francisco, as well as Vancouver and British Columbia.”

What services are included with Maslow’s Market? 

“Maslow’s Market is composed of a comprehensive all-in-one CRM with revolutionary unlimited payment processing.

The CRM includes email marketing (with templates), text marketing, funnels, landing pages, a website builder with Google Analytics, click to call phone system with call tracking, recording and IVRs, a custom form builder, calendar and booking tool, sales pipeline with full customizability to keep your team in task, custom invoicing with multiple payment gateway integrations, chat widgets and bots, password and content protected membership sites, lead management database and facilitates business automation.

We also offer social media management, full-scale marketing (email, radio, TV, Google, social media or newspaper), videography, drone videography, interactive video funnel creation and funnel simulations.”

What sets you apart from similar CRM software? 

“Our CRM is comprehensive, which provides the end user with massive savings while offering tremendous value. We’re also working with a payment processing company that also offers merchants unlimited processing for a low monthly fee.”

What is the most significant event that ever happened to you? 

“I have been a victim of illegal eviction. Life can have many challenges and it can be too easy to feel lost in life and business. Having faith in my purpose is what has driven me to have so much compassion. Stress from the economy, hardships and the strain of the Coronavirus pandemic have all impacted how we treat each other. We all go through so much, it’s hard to be mindful of others’ stories especially when most of us are not in a place of self-actualization or security.

Drawing on my community and interactions with individuals who believed in a grander mission in life, I was finally able to clearly visualize and materialize my profound non-profit mission that aided so many in their times of need.

Now I hope to impact others by providing direction and inspiration to encourage self-actualization with the understanding of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.”

Do you provide special discounts to military folks or other special groups?

“Yes, we support various marginalized groups. Reach out to us. Our intention is to see you grow and for everyone to have access to the same resources and development platform.”

Don’s ability to translate Maslow’s hierarchy of needs into practical solutions that can be implemented at the community level has helped the organizations reach a wider audience while making a real impact in the lives of people across the Cascadian bioregion.  If you’re looking for a business with a heart, Don is the man to talk to. Not only does he have a passion for serving others through Maslow’s Mission but he also wants to see businesses succeed online and even offers self-employment opportunities so anyone can reach self-actualization. He truly embodies the idea of giving back and helping others achieve their dreams. So if you’re looking for someone in the Cascadian Bioregion who will go the extra mile to help your business succeed, be sure to give Don a call or visit him online.

You can contact Maslow’s Market at or visit their website: You can also call them at (800) 209-5123 to find out how Maslow’s Market can benefit your business and learn more about Maslow’s Mission to donate or even volunteer your time.

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