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By Noemi Wilson Debriano on November 23, 2022

Sergio Rodriguez

For the past 10 years, Sergio Rodriguez has been working in real estate while developing a people search database.  In doing so, he noticed agents were calling daily in hopes of finding cold-calling leads. Due to the sudden demand, he developed a unique lead management and prospecting system to truly impact realtors’ lead nurturing process.

His new app, Storm Recovery Network, is your brokerage firm’s complete virtual assistant. It captures leads on the go, manages contacts and organizes your leads whether they’re buyers, sellers, prospects or appointments.

“What makes us different is that our system is designed to encourage you to create a connection and nurture it to become a lead. We also help manage lead overflow. We help you take good care of the leads you can’t fulfill with our quality referral system and we offer solutions for firms to oversee their prospecting process with ease.”

Born and raised in LA, Sergio is a hardcore wrestling fan who brings true value to his community with his passion for helping real estate offices and real estate brokers, agents and lenders that really want to make a difference in the way they do business.

Sergio is also a virtual pastor with a nonprofit that provides food and community support to help develop others during the challenges of life.

We sat down with John for a quick interview. Read on to learn more about Sergio’s prospecting lead management app, the Storm Recovery Network.

What inspired you to develop this app?

“I saw a necessity from the agents calling me daily for leads. I realized that providing leads was also really not the best way to develop successful real estate agents. Buying leads from companies can lead to overcalling prospects and frustrating people because they may feel like they’re getting spammed. We help you manage your contacts and personal interactions whether you’re door-knocking, attending a networking event or meeting a referral.

I created a system for you to create your own leads. The days of door-knocking and asking for people to remember you in years to come are now obsolete. Our app allows you to collect information while chatting with prospects so you can keep track, nurture, ask for referrals and follow up with your prospects over the years while they’re getting ready.”

How does your app help realtors? 

“We’re your complete virtual assistant. We gather and ensure complete contact information.

For brokerage firms, we keep track of lead submissions from your realtors. We keep track of the date and time that any prospect and appointment was added into the calendar. We also source prospects.

For sellers, we get to know the condition of your home digitally so the realtor has the best information for the appointment. We can help you find the best realtor for your home.

For agents, you can receive full information about the seller’s property from leads. You can gather necessary information about potential buyers’ lifestyles and home search criteria. We also supply prospect lists and can search for incomplete contacts. For leads that you’re not able to capitalize on, we have the option to sell your lead for you to retain a portion of your commission.

For buyers, we gather complete information about your search, your family and what you’re looking for so your agent can direct you to the right homes without time wasted.”

What brought you to this name for your app?

“Ever been in a stormy lead situation that you can’t work out? Come to Storm Recovery Network to find your way out of the storm of trying to prospect while seeing lost potential everywhere around you. We help you recover to get out of a leadless situation by working together to network and connect more effectively. We want you to be that ray of sunshine for your potential homeowners.”

What’s the area you cover?

“We are based in Southern California and love working with our local community. However, we offer nationwide and even worldwide services.”

What is the most significant event that ever happened to you? 

“I’m a COVID-19 survivor. I was in a coma due to the virus. My lungs collapsed. I was intubated and left in a room without hope. My life was on a drawstring. Thanks to God, I was brought back. Yet I am still impacted by the aftereffects of the virus, having to relearn how to speak, walk and move.

My life is not mine, it’s the Lord’s. Every day is a blessing. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife, a 15-year-old son and a nine-year-old daughter.  I have also been a virtual pastor for the last five years. I pray to get to a church in time, but He has led me to help realtors and has shown me the need for this app. We also have a nonprofit to provide food for others and offer community support to develop others during the challenges of life.”

If you could share one tip with the readers, what would it be?

“Prospecting is about meeting people. It should be easy! Whether at church or the supermarket, we want you to connect, collect relevant information from them and grow with their family over the years. I want to simplify the mentality of lead sourcing. Bring it back to creating and maintaining long-term human relationships. This app is simply my vessel to allow you to capitalize on any prospect you meet in the moment!”

For those of you who are looking for a professional prospecting app to improve any realtor’s efficiency, learn more about the Storm Recover Network by visiting

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