Emmanuel Kesse Is Delivering Results-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions One Client at a Time!

By David Leddy on December 22, 2022

Emmanuel Kesse

For the past eight years, Emmanuel Kesse has been providing tailor-made digital marketing solutions to businesses primarily in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the United States.

“What makes us different is that I sit down and have a conversation with each client to understand their specific pain points, strengths and what the business is aiming to achieve in terms of its online marketing efforts. I then tailor the right mix of solutions and strategies to make it achievable.

But it does not stop there. Kesseswebsites & Advertising will only accept projects if we know we can achieve success for our clients. This way our customer satisfaction rate remains high while ensuring each marketing campaign is a success.”

Emmanuel Kesse manages Kesseswebsites & Advertising. He is a long-time resident of Columbus, Ohio and a huge Ohio State Buckeyes football fan. Emmanuel also enjoys playing basketball, soccer and cooking in his spare time.

Emmanuel is a local biz hero, a self-made entrepreneur who actively contributes to his community by helping local businesses prosper. His high standards of professionalism, strong work ethics and delivery of exceptional services to each client make him stand out from the rest in his community.

Emmanuel believes in giving back to the community he serves and, because of his strong faith, has done volunteer work for Christian ministries as well as donated to a charity called ‘Voice of the Martyrs’ which helps support Christians being persecuted in other countries because of their faith in Jesus Christ.


We sat down with Emmanuel for a quick interview

Why do you do what you do? 

“I love helping small businesses increase sales of their goods and services and a great way to do this is by enhancing their online marketing efforts. A big part of this is maximizing their digital assets such as their websites, search engine ranking, Google Business Profile (GBP), organic and paid advertising, not forgetting retargeting leads”.

How did you get into this profession? 

“Because my expertise is in website development, local SEO and chatbot design, business colleagues started approaching me for help and it just snowballed from there via referrals. From then, I was hooked! So my experience is largely hands-on and I am very proud of that fact as it enables me to quickly hit the ground running with a new client”.

As Emmanuel works directly with many business owners, we asked him: “What are some memorable client experiences?”

“I normally am approached by an individual owner of a small business which makes it easier to communicate but I remember being contacted by a big auto dealership prior to COVID. So I had to adjust my approach as I was working directly with an assigned contact who then communicated with senior management on our progress. Happily, my services produced great results for the dealership and they are now my clients. At the end of the day, no matter the size of the business, personalization is key“.

If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing Kesseswebsites & Advertising, what would it be?

“Let’s first have a conversation about your business and what issue you want to solve. Let’s talk about your vision of where you want to go. That helps me know what tools are needed and what business map is needed to get the desired results “.

For those of you who are looking for personalized, results-driven digital marketing services where you feel like you’re the only client being served, Emmanuel and Kesseswebsites & Advertising should be your top choice. Kesseswebsites & Advertising supports our troops by offering discounts for military online marketing projects. Call or text Emmanuel at 614-670-9514 after 9am EST, or visit https://kesseswebsites.com today.

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