Empowering Beauty and Sustainability: The Story of Desiree Bethea and Like Mother, Like Daughter Co

By Tabitha Premnath on March 4, 2024

Like Mother Like Daughter Hair and skin care

Philadelphia, PA – In the vibrant heart of Philadelphia, a city pulsating with history and innovation, Desiree Bethea, the visionary founder and CEO of Like Mother, Like Daughter Co, is redefining the beauty industry with a commitment to holistic wellness, sustainability and community betterment.

Like Mother Like Daughter Hair and skin care

Unlike mainstream beauty brands, at Like Mother, Like Daughter Co. Desiree focuses on a holistic approach to beauty. She crafts skincare products using natural ingredients and herbs. She envisions a world where people can sustain life by respecting nature, just as she experienced in her family’s produce garden in the South.

In a market saturated with products, Desiree stands out by putting her customers first. Like Mother, Like Daughter Co is not just a brand; it’s a community. Desiree listens to her customers, values their feedback, and ensures they receive the best products and customer service. Her unique approach emphasizes quality over quantity, and as result she sends new products to customers to foster a genuine connection.

Desiree’s journey began in Camden, NJ, but it was in the bustling streets of Philadelphia that she found her home in the early ’90s. For over two decades, she has immersed herself in the city’s rich culture and warmth, raising her daughter and building a life that echoes the Bethea family’s deep roots in the community.

Married for nine years to the sweetest and kindest husband, whose Philadelphia roots run as deep as hers, Desiree is proud to carry forward the Bethea family name, a name synonymous with community-driven initiatives and foundational contributions. The Betheas have been a driving force in inner-city areas from Dillon, South Carolina, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania focusing on philanthropy, community development, and a range of initiatives addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.

For Desiree, the leap into the beauty industry was more than a business decision; it was a calling. Inspired by a holistic approach to skincare and a passion for natural products, she founded Like Mother, Like Daughter Co in 2017. The journey was driven by a desire to create a world that is sustainable, where respect for nature goes hand in hand with nourishing the body and soul.

Like Mother, Like Daughter Co solves a prevalent problem in the beauty industry—complicated and costly routines. Desiree believes in simplifying beauty regimes by offering products that can be used from head to toe. She caters to the needs of a diverse clientele ages 16 to 65.

Covering the tri-state area, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, DC, and Delaware, Like Mother, Like Daughter Co has become a beacon of beauty and sustainability, transcending geographical boundaries.

Desiree’s vision for Like Mother, Like Daughter Co is to provide luxury, high-quality, organic hair and skin care products that are effective, naturally sourced and environmentally sustainable. The mission extends beyond beauty, aiming to make a positive impact on the planet through responsible sourcing, packaging, and production practices.

As a motivational speaker and consultant, Desiree shares her wisdom with the world, emphasizing the interconnectedness of everything. She urges people to be mindful of the products they use, as they can impact the immune system and even alter internal well-being. According to Desiree, “experiences are not singular; they work together in harmony.”

Visit Like Mother, Like Daughter Co’s website to embark on a journey of holistic beauty, sustainability, and community empowerment. Discover a brand that goes beyond skin-deep, leaving an indelible mark on the world—one conscious product at a time.

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