Cultivating Creativity: Operations ARTS Foundation Pioneers Support for Artists’ Careers

By Michael Canipe on March 1, 2024

Operations ARTS Foundation

In the heart of Maryland, a beacon of hope for artists shines bright: Operations ARTS Foundation. Founded by Chyna Mae, Renee Taylor, and Daniel Collins, this nonprofit organization stands as an Alliance for Responsible Trade and Sustainability (ARTS), dedicated to fostering the creative economy and empowering artists to thrive in their careers.

Operations ARTS Foundation acts as a bridge between artists and resources, offering strategic partnerships, marketing support, events, and professional artist matchmaking. Their mission is to encourage better business practices and economic growth for all involved, laying the foundation for profitable, collaborative relationships between artists, business and the community.

Operations ARTS Foundation logo

What sets Operations ARTS apart is its holistic approach to supporting artists. The foundation provides consulting, development tools, support and key information on becoming an “artrepreneur.” They work tirelessly to empower artists with the skills and resources they need to succeed in their careers from negotiating favorable terms for the sale of their artwork to cultivating best practices for sustainable income generation.

Since its inception in 2019, Operations ARTS has made significant strides in supporting artists and strengthening the creative economy. With over 50 professional development events, 48 educational gallery exhibitions and 14 large public art projects under their belt, the foundation has provided career training for 65+ interns and 353+ local artists. Their impact extends beyond Maryland, reaching artists across the nation through strategic partnerships and outreach efforts.

Reflecting on the organization’s journey, Chyna Mae shares her passion for the arts and her drive to assist local artists. From her early days as a competitive artist to her role as president and creative director of Operations ARTS Foundation, Mae’s dedication to empowering artists is evident. Her impressive portfolio and extensive experience in the arts have earned her recognition from prestigious organizations and leaders in the field.

The pandemic posed new challenges for Operations ARTS, prompting them to pivot their approach and focus on public art initiatives. Despite the hurdles, the foundation persevered, creating seven Free Little Art Galleries, six Little Free Libraries, one Free Food Pantry, and numerous murals. Through these projects, Operations ARTS connected with the community in profound ways, demonstrating the resilience and power of art in challenging times.

Looking to the future, Operations ARTS remains committed to its mission of developing the creative economy. With a robust lineup of programming, including local art gallery staging, professional development events, public art installations, and internships, the foundation continues to pave the way for artists to thrive.

In conclusion, Operations ARTS Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for artists everywhere, offering support, guidance, and opportunities for growth. With the organization’s strong founding team at the helm, the foundation is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of art, one artist at a time.

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