From Baltimore Hairstylist to Nationwide Payment Processing Trailblazer: Meet Terrina Taylor

By Aaron Webb on April 28, 2023

Payment Connoisseur

Baltimore, MD – Terrina Taylor, the passionate owner of The Payment Connoisseur, is a prime example of how adversity can lead to opportunity. After COVID-19 forced her to shut down her hair salon business, Taylor shifted her focus to payment processing, identifying the need for small businesses to save on merchant account services. She is dedicated to providing personalized and up-to-date payment solutions for her clients while helping them automate growth and scale their businesses.

The Payment Connoisseur is a nationwide company that focuses on the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas, and offers a range of services, including generating business accounts, financial education, business funding, and payment processing for businesses. The company targets new or existing businesses, especially minority or women-owned businesses, which make at least $5,000 a month in credit transactions, either online, e-commerce, or retail.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD Taylor is a proud supporter of her local community. She works closely with her husband and has strong ties to the city. Taylor is a huge youth advocate and supports Youth Works, a group that helps young people acquire jobs. She is an active member of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce and holds WBE and MBE certifications.

Terrina Taylor

Taylor’s clients appreciate her professionalism, positive attitude, and hard work. One satisfied customer stated, “I asked Terrina to help out my small business. I wasn’t sure what I needed, and she figured that out for me. I got great value for all the services, and my business now has the potential and resources to succeed in the future. 10/10 would recommend!”

The Payment Connoisseur is all about helping businesses save money on their processing fees. Taylor encourages prospective clients to take a close look at their merchant statements and give her a call if they want to save. Her consultations are free to everyone, including military personnel and other special groups.

The Payment Connoisseur is a testament to Taylor’s resilience and adaptability. As she enjoys spending time with her family, watching her business grow, and being a part of the diverse and opportunistic city of Baltimore, she continues to work tirelessly to support small businesses in under-served communities.

For more information about The Payment Connoisseur, please visit or call Terrina Taylor at (443) 475-7441.

About The Payment Connoisseur

The Payment Connoisseur, founded by Terrina Taylor, is a leading payment processing service provider for small businesses, with a special focus on minority and women-owned businesses. The company offers personalized, up-to-date payment solutions, helping clients save on merchant account services and achieve growth and scalability. With a nationwide presence and strong ties to the Baltimore community, The Payment Connoisseur is committed to supporting under-served businesses in their journey to success.


Name: Terrina Taylor

Title: Owner


Phone: (443) 475-7441

Email: or

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