Transform Your Skin with Nature’s Best: Profile Nourishment’s All-Natural Skincare Line Redefines Beauty for Women Over 40

By Aaron Webb on May 3, 2023

Profile Nourishment

Austin, Texas – Introducing Profile Nourishment: All-Natural Skincare Solutions for Women over 40, Created with Passion and Purpose

Profile Nourishment LLC is proud to announce its official launch as a nationwide ecommerce skincare retailer, founded by President Darlene Gordon and her two adult children. The family-owned business offers a line of all-natural, USA-made, and vegan-based skincare products, including cleansers, moisturizers, and masks, designed to address a range of skin concerns for women over 40.

The birth of Profile Nourishment is deeply rooted in Darlene Gordon’s personal experiences and professional background in athletics. A minority-owned business, Profile Nourishment aims to create a lasting relationship with its customers’ wellness journey while nourishing their unique skincare needs.

The company’s products target issues such as gentle cleansing without drying skin, moisturize and helps to retain moisture, anti-inflammatory, contains vitamins and minerals, and provides some skin protection from oxidative stress. Its target market consists of women over 40 years old, who appreciate natural solutions for their skincare needs.

With Darlene’s son assisting in marketing and her daughter, a biology graduate, focusing on the chemical aspects of the product line, Profile Nourishment is a genuine family affair. The company’s inception was inspired by Darlene’s determination to make an impact in college athletics while exploring other facets of her life, ultimately leading her to nourish her passion for skincare.


While Darlene currently resides in Texas, the business operates as an online ecommerce store and will serve customers nationwide. The family’s commitment to community involvement is evident through their support for the Northeast Ohio Women’s Sports Alliance.

Though still in its early stages, Profile Nourishment is moving in the right direction, making intentional strides in a growing market. The launch date for Profile Nourishment is June 30th.  Darlene encourages potential customers to try her all-natural products and experience the difference for themselves.

For more information about Profile Nourishment and its unique line of all-natural skincare products, please visit our website (which is coming soon) or support us on our crowdfunding site

About Profile Nourishment

Profile Nourishment LLC is an ecommerce skincare retailer that offers all-natural, USA-made, and vegan-based products, catering to the unique skincare needs of women over 40. Founded by CEO Darlene Gordon and her two children, the family-owned business is committed to creating lasting relationships with its customers and providing natural solutions for a variety of skin concerns.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to provide healthy skin products that motivate individuals to take better care of their skin which leads to taking better care of every aspect of their life.


Name: Darlene Gordon

Title: President


Phone: (610) 360-5707


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