Go Digital Hero: Empowering Businesses with Trusted Virtual Assistants

By Prem Mangroo on June 10, 2023

Go Digital Hero

Charlotte, North Carolina – May 25, 2023 – Jason Nunez, a dedicated entrepreneur and advocate, has founded Go Digital Hero with a mission to provide reliable virtual assistants to people, with a particular focus on empowering minorities in the business world. As a proud LGBT-owned business, Go Digital Hero aims to offer unparalleled service and support to clients seeking to delegate their tasks and reclaim valuable time for their core business priorities. With a dedicated team of eight professionals, Go Digital Hero has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to excellence.

Drawing from his personal experiences, Jason Nunez, the founder of Go Digital Hero, understands the challenges faced by individuals who are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. Having served in the military two decades ago, Jason knows what it feels like to suppress one’s true identity and conceal it from both family and colleagues. However, today he proudly proclaims his business as LGBT-owned, embracing diversity and inclusivity as core values.

In 2022, Go Digital Hero’s dedication and exceptional service were acknowledged when they were awarded the prestigious title of LGBT Veteran Enterprise of the Year. This recognition served as a catalyst for Jason’s realization of the strong connection clients established with his company, motivating him to expand and meet the growing demand for trusted virtual assistants.

“Time is a precious resource, and it’s time to reclaim it,” says Jason Nunez. “If you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks that consume too much of your time, it’s time to get a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can handle the tedious tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Choosing the right virtual assistant is like looking in the mirror and seeing an extension of yourself. When you find that alignment, you’ve found the perfect virtual assistant.”

Go Digital Hero is proud to offer a 10% discount to veterans, a gesture of appreciation for their service to the country. In addition to this, Jason Nunez actively supports Minority Veterans of America, an organization dedicated to providing social and economic assistance to veterans. Every purchase of Go Digital Hero’s swag items contributes 100% of the profits to this noble cause.

As a testament to their commitment to community engagement, Jason Nunez is an active member of the Carolinas LGBT Chamber of Commerce. He has been happily married to his husband for seven years, and together, they share the joy of raising two beloved fur babies. Jason’s love for culinary experiences and exploration has led him to appreciate the vibrant local dining scene and embark on memorable travel adventures.

Go Digital Hero invites businesses to join them in the journey of streamlining operations, gaining valuable time, and achieving remarkable success. With their unwavering dedication, reliability, and commitment to supporting minority communities, Go Digital Hero is well-positioned to be the trusted partner that businesses can rely on.

For more information about Go Digital Hero and their services, please visit www.godigitalhero.com.

Media Contact:

Jason Nunez

Founder, Go Digital Hero Phone: (803) 450-4376

Email: jason@godigitalhero.com

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