Helen Pinkett Wants to Transform Everyone in Bradford-on-Avon!

By Mark Edwards on April 16, 2021

Helen Pinkett

For the past five years, Alignment Coach and Energy Practitioner, Helen Pinkett, has been coaching clients and transforming the lives of people in her local community, Somerset, and the United States, helping private clients and business owners overcome feelings of overwhelm and anxiousness, or those who want to make positive changes to their lives.

“I believe we should all unashamedly be shining our own light, following our passions, and living life to its fullest potential. My mission is to help beautiful souls get back into the flow, feeling happier and more aligned in all areas of their life so they can move forwards with clarity and confidence feeling happier. I’m trained in several modalities so able to offer a combination of these which provides a complete holistic solution for my clients.”

Helen is a Bathonian now based in Bradford on Avon and is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to her community. High standards of professionalism and the strong work ethics of small business owners like Helen are the foundation of the Bradford on Avon economy. Every pound that Helen makes goes back to supporting the local business ecosystem.

Helen is well respected in her profession and has been a Keynote speaker at Women Means Biz Networking events. Helen is also a published article writer.

We sat down with Helen for a quick interview –

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: “I love what I do, it’s completely fulfilling for me to encourage and inspire others to follow their dreams and live their lives to their happiest extremes. I hope to inspire people to do the things they love, follow their passions, and live life to its fullest potential.”

Q: How did you get into this profession?

A: “I left school and went into hospitality, staying in this field for nearly 20 years but gaining many skills from working in sales, marketing, weddings & event management, and the front office. I finally saw the light in 2015 and left to start my own business, and what a brilliant journey it’s been since.

I really got into holistic health and alternative therapies after going on a deep healing journey myself after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety on this journey of discovering my spiritual gifts reopened, which I now use in my work in alignment sessions, card readings, and daily life. As an Alignment Coach, I use energetic techniques to help people get free of fears, blocks, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors.”

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: “I love to spend time with my two young children, running, yoga, exploring nature, and personal development.”

Helen Pinkett

Here’s what Helen’s clients have to say about her.


“Helen is such a gifted and intuitive person. I have had a couple of card readings with her, which have been so apt, helpful, and insightful. Recently Helen had done some energy alignment work with me to make space for some deep healing and energy shifts around limiting beliefs and personal issues. Right from the very first session, things started to change for me, it was like someone had pressed the ‘go’ button, and I have made some positive and releasing decisions during this process. I am so grateful to Helen for creating and holding this time and space for me, right then.”

Energy Alignment Client

“I had an energy alignment session with Helen. I honestly was not sure what to expect, but shifts occurred! Helen made me feel totally at ease with what we will be doing and explained things so well. She was super intuitive about what I needed, and we worked gently to help bring up blocks that I did not even know I had! (but we were playing out in areas of my life). During the session, I had physical shifts, and following it, I noticed a change in my response to things. If you are working on any blocks or just need a little more peace in your life, I recommend Helen to do her gentle yet powerful work with you! Thank you, Helen.”


”I really enjoyed my brainstorming session with Helen. She’s warm, friendly, and gave me some great advice. The session gave me a big boost, and I have come away ready to tackle the next phase of my business. Thank you, Helen!”

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers, what would it be?

A: “Look after your energy.  A quick tip to boost your energy during the day is to lie flat for 10 minutes, it really helps to calm nerves.“

For those of you who are looking for a professional Energy Practitioner and Coach, Helen Pinkett should be your first choice.  You can contact Helen on 07540 874882 or visit https://www.helenpinkett.com – “Helping You Find Your Way Back To Flow.”



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