Henna for Fun: Where Relaxation, Therapeutic Vibes and Networking Thrive in Seattle

By Aaron Webb on May 30, 2023

Henna For Fun

Seattle, WA – Henna for Fun, a captivating business that combines the ancient art of henna with social gatherings, is revolutionizing the way people connect and express their creativity. Founded by Angana Sinha, a passionate entrepreneur with a vision to bring joy and networking opportunities to the Seattle community, Henna for Fun offers a unique range of services that foster camaraderie, self-expression, and cultural appreciation.

Henna for Fun provides three main services that cater to diverse interests and occasions. The first is Henna Events, reminiscent of the popular sip and paint concept, where participants are guided step-by-step to create stunning henna designs on their bodies. This interactive experience serves as an excellent icebreaker and creates lasting memories for friends, families and corporate teams alike.

Moreover, Henna for Fun takes pride in Teaching Henna, sharing the secrets and techniques behind this ancient art form. They take joy in teaching this beautiful art in a new way to help others relax, discover a new zen and engage in a non-digital activity while using all of their senses. Whether for personal enrichment or professional development, these engaging classes empower individuals to embrace their artistic talents and explore a new form of self-expression.

Henna for Fun also specializes in exquisite Henna Art on pregnant bellies, offering intricate and elegant designs that celebrate the beauty of motherhood. These mesmerizing designs captivate the senses and provide expectant mothers with a cherished memento of their pregnancy journey.

Henna For Fun


What sets Henna for Fun apart from its competitors is its exceptional ability to bring people together. The events act as catalysts for networking, breaking down barriers and promoting diversity and inclusion. Organizations seeking team-building activities will find Henna for Fun to be a refreshing and transformative experience, fostering collaboration and unity among their employees.

When asked about her motivation for starting Henna for Fun, Angana Sinha shared, “I saw people losing faith in their jobs due to the economic downturn, and I wanted to invest in myself while offering something unique to the community. By representing my culture through henna and introducing people to different hobbies, especially teenagers and adults, I knew I could make a difference in their lives.”

Born and raised in India, Angana Sinha relocated to the United States in 2012, eventually settling in Seattle in 2016. This personal connection to the local community further fuels her commitment to provide memorable experiences for her customers, sharing her passion for henna and fostering a sense of belonging.

With an ever-growing customer base, Henna for Fun continues to make waves in Seattle’s art and social scene. Angana Sinha’s dedication to her family and community shines through her work, and her one piece of advice for readers choosing Henna for Fun is simple yet powerful: “Do not overthink your passions.”

As part of their commitment to the community, Henna for Fun is actively exploring ways to provide special discounts to military personnel and other deserving groups. While they currently do not support specific charities or volunteer organizations, the business is always open to giving back to the community that has embraced them.

Henna for Fun is proud to announce its tagline, “Discover your new zen,” encapsulating the transformational and peaceful experience that awaits customers through their unique henna services.

For more information about Henna for Fun and to book your next extraordinary event, please visit www.hennaforfun.com or contact Angana Sinha at contact@hennaforfun.com

About Henna for Fun:

Henna for Fun, founded by Angana Sinha, offers captivating henna services that bring people together, promote self-expression, and foster cultural appreciation. With a range of services, including Henna Events, Teaching Henna, and Henna Art. Henna for Fun transforms ordinary gatherings into memorable experiences

Contact Info:

Name: Angana Sinha

Title: Founder

Website: https://www.hennaforfun.com/

Phone: (678) 995-4750

Email: contact@hennaforfun.com

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