Milwaukee Entrepreneur DiAngelo Mathis Brings Local Pride to Fashion with Culture Supply & Concept LLC

By Aaron Webb on May 30, 2023

Culture Supply and Concept LLC

DiAngelo Mathis Creates Unique Clothing Line Infused with Milwaukee Spirit, Boosting Local Manufacturing and Fashion Scene

Milwaukee, WI – Culture Supply, a retail and clothing brand founded by Milwaukee native DiAngelo Mathis, offers a unique range of custom apparel for local residents and people nationwide. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Mathis launched the company in January 2021 to fill the void of custom clothing and add a flare to Milwaukee gear. The brand has been growing steadily ever since, with strong partnerships formed with organizations such as Passion Attire Boutique & Canni Hemp Co.

Culture Supply serves customers aged 25 to 45, offering both online and in-store shopping experiences. The brand aims to reflect the city’s culture and values in its designs, promoting positive energy and good vibes. Mathis and his team, including Jason Smith, who has been instrumental in clothing production and staffing for pop-up shops, are committed to creating products that resonate with the local community.

A significant milestone for the brand came during the Historical Juneteenth Celebration (50th year anniversary) in 2021, where they made $2,200 in sales without any prior marketing. This event taught Mathis the importance of having a good brand and valuing the city in which he is located.

DiAngelo Mathis

Mathis, a father of three, is dedicated to involving his family in the business and fostering local pride. He envisions partnering with other stores and drawing attention to Milwaukee as a fashion destination. The tagline “Made in Milwaukee” highlights the brand’s commitment to its roots.

As the business continues to grow, Mathis plans to explore offering special discounts to military personnel and other special groups, as well as supporting charities and volunteering. He is grateful for the warm welcome back from the community and the support they have shown.

For more information about Culture Supply and to shop their unique custom clothing, visit our FB page @culturesupplymke.

About Culture Supply & Concept LLC:

Culture Supply is a Milwaukee-based retail and clothing brand that offers custom apparel with a strong focus on reflecting the city’s culture and values. Founded by DiAngelo Mathis in January 2021, the brand seeks to boost local manufacturing and contribute to the city’s fashion scene.


Name: DiAngelo Mathis

Title: CEO

Facebook: @culturesupplymke

Phone: (414) 231-0476


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