“If we can’t help you, we will find someone who will”

By Les Cseh on May 16, 2022

First Choice

Picture this: you are running out the door to go get some very important papers notarized. They have to be signed to be back in the mail today. You almost clear the front steps when the dog, chasing the neighborhood stray cat, ALMOST clears you. Next thing you know, you are sitting on the step, your ankle is swelling more and more by the second and you know you can’t walk or drive. Now what are you going to do? You call Renee Lamb at First Choice Mobile Notary Services! Renee will come to you, so you don’t have to worry about that ankle.

First Choice Mobile Notary Services is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Renee has been in business for three years. They are a mobile notary and loan signing service who are ready to service you today. They can provide all notary services in every field. First Choice Mobile Notary Services covers the Phoenix metro area.

I asked Renee what she thought sets First Choice Mobile Notary Services apart from the competition. She replied, “We operate differently. We do not think, just one notary public service and then done. We strive to be there for you for a lifetime. Think of us as a resource for your notary and real estate needs in the Phoenix metro area. If you need notary public assistance now, call, so we can schedule your appointment. It is not just about servicing your immediate need, of a notary. We are here to be a resource in all aspects of your real estate or general notary needs. Our motto is we can’t help you, we will find someone who will. Not only that, we will follow up to ensure everything went great. I then asked why she went into this particular business. “I went into it as I had another business and saw the recession coming due to Covid, so I was looking for an easy transition utilizing my background and found the notary business was the puzzle piece that fit,” Renee answered.

I asked Renee some questions to get to know her a little better outside of her business. Renee was born in New Jersey and moved to Phoenix seven years ago. I asked about the most significant event that’s happened in her life. She replied thoughtfully, “Recently I was contacted to do an international notary. Although I was located in Phoenix, the client had property in Scottsdale, so we could do the loan signing for them”. She is a supporter of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. If you can’t seem to find Renee, she just may be gardening for a little free time.

First Choice

How about ratings and reviews? First Choice Mobile Notary Services has an outstanding 5.0 Google rating! This is what one client had to say about the service she received: “Renee Lamb was an absolute pleasure and even more helpful. She is one of the most honest business women I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only did she decline payment until the entire process was complete (she made 2 visits to the facility to have the paperwork completed – with no additional cost). She also worked with me on the pricing and she was very flexible and willing to meet me at a later date at a different location. If you need any services that she offers I’d highly recommend using her as your go to person. She’s very professional and like a friend all in one. – Sasha B. Now she sure sounds pretty happy to me! I asked Renee if she could give a tip to anyone looking for a notary, what it would be, and this is what she said, “Ask questions, go with your first impression based on their answers. Can they educate you on the process? Are they fully knowledgeable about how to notarize your documents?”

If you, or someone you know, needs a mobile notary, give Renee at First Choice Mobile Notary Services a call. Schedule your appointment early so she can get right to you!

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