Let Ke’Nari Demonstration Change Your Style and Life!

By Victor Melendez on July 19, 2023


Oxford, NC – Lakeisha Daye is a life coach who is also the owner of the Ke’Nari Demonstration clothing line.For the past two years, Lakeisha Daye and her mom have been blessing people around the nation with her clothing line and message of hope and inspiration.

Lakeisha said, “What makes us different is this brand was born after facing and overcoming a tragic accident in life. The name Ke’Nari is a combination of my children’s names. The ‘Demonstration’ part comes from showing people that living in their authentic self is a much more effective way to live YOUR life.”

We sat down with Lakeisha for a quick interview.


Why do you do what you do?

“In 2016, I was in a life-changing car accident, which left me feeling as if I had missed out on time with my children. I decided from that day forward my children would be a part of the journey that I am on. I knew that whatever I set out to do, it’ll be theirs to inherit!”


How did you get into this profession?

“I felt that after my accident this was the path I was led to follow.”


If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a life coach, what would it be?

“Look for someone who has good energy and is genuinely authentic. Not everyone is who they seem to be. And keep living life to the fullest, and don’t give up. Trust the process. “


Lakeisha is divorced, with two children. She is a North Carolina and of course a true North Carolina Tarheel fan.

For those of you who are looking for an awesome clothing line or a life coach, Lakeisha should be your first choice. Call Lakeisha at 919-609-5090 or visit www.kenaridemonstration.co for seriously great clothing and insightful life coaching!

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