Lisa Swimmer Proudly Shares Her Native American Culture with Residents and Tourists in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Medicine Box

By Virginia Drew on October 11, 2023

Medicine Box in downtown Tulsa offers authentic Cherokee medicine boxes

Tulsa, OK – The Medicine Box in downtown Tulsa offers authentic Cherokee medicine boxes, blankets, clothes, art pieces, prints and furniture. Co-owner Lisa Swimmer, a native of Tulsa, was raised in the Cherokee culture. In fact, both her father and brother are Cherokee chiefs.

Lisa started selling medicine boxes because her mother was president of a Native American art gallery, Vault Gallery, in Oklahoma. Lisa saw an opportunity to bring in more foot traffic by opening a gift shop.

The Medicine Box in downtown Tulsa

But in May 2023 she moved her shop to its current downtown location at 10 East Archer Street, Tulsa, OK. Her brother, Chief Rossimer, gave her several hundred medicine boxes, and they inspired the name and theme of her store. The boxes have original images that were there when the boxes were created and Lisa also engraves the boxes with Native American words and images, which customers love.

Not only can you buy an authentic medicine box at Lisa’s store, but you can also have it engraved. Along with selling the additional things already mentioned, Lisa will soon be adding natural medicines to her shelves.

Lisa would like to spotlight her mother, who has been a real help in getting started.  Her mother helped her meet some collectors and local artists. She is also a co-owner of the business.

The Medicine Box celebrated their first Full Moon Party in September, 2023.  They were joined by a medicine man who is an expert in native plants and had special gifts for purchase.  They expect to repeat the Full Moon Party every month.

October 21 marks the date of The Medicine Box’s first full moon party. From then on, the event will repeat every month.  This is the first celebration and they are planning on repeating it every month. At the October event, expect  a medicine man who is an expert in native plants as well as special gifts for purchase.

The Medicine Box is both a consignment shop (selling pieces from native artists) and a traditional shop selling pieces Lisa purchased from collectors. These include vintage pieces and rare art not usually seen in local gift shops.  Lisa is always looking for new artists to represent.

Lisa loves living in Tulsa because of the many national parks and the proximity to Native American culture.  It is a peaceful, friendly place to raise a family.  It is affordable, and the downtown area has really picked up in terms of food, entertainment and cultural events, which give it the vibe of a larger city.  Lisa enjoys spending leisure time with her grandchildren, visiting galleries and taking advantage of everything Tulsa has to offer.  Lisa supports the community, including the Iron Gate in its efforts to feed the homeless.

Visit The Medicine Box at 10 East Archer Street, Tulsa, OK in the Tulsa Art District, the only  Native American gift shop in the area. Also, please visit their website at

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