Live Good: Promoting Products Leading to Better Health and Wellness

By Aaron Webb on March 27, 2023

LiveGood Products

North Carolina – Alethia W. Minor, a proud native of Eastern North Carolina, has recently launched Live Good, a business that promotes products that lead to better health and wellness. Live Good provides affordable, high-quality products that help with blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, gut wellness, and arthritis. Their goal is to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of people worldwide.

As an affiliate marketing company, Live Good provides an excellent compensation plan to those who wish to join the team. With outstanding products and a great opportunity to earn, Live Good stands out in the health and wellness industry. Despite the competition from other companies such as Amway, Vitacost and Dr. Axe, Live Good’s products are priced perfectly, and the compensation plan is awesome.

LiveGood Products

“I was sold on the low cost of vitamins, super greens, super reds and CBD oil products. The compensation plan is terrific,” said Alethia when asked about the reason for joining Live Good.

Alethia started the business in January 2023, and currently, there are three members on her team. Alethia believes that Live Good’s products and compensation plan are the keys to success, and the company will grow as more people learn about Live Good.

On a personal note, Alethia loves the weather in her home state of North ‘Carolina. She enjoys cooking, meeting people, traveling and motorcycle racing with her family. Alethia and her family love motorcycle sports and travel all over the region to race.

“Ideal customers of all ages, gender, and race who wish to better their health and finances are welcome to join Live Good. Our products and compensation plan are designed to help people achieve their goals, and we are excited to share this opportunity with the world,” said Alethia.

Alethia encourages anyone  who is interested in earning $3,000 to $5,000 a month without quitting their job to contact her.

To get more information about Live Good, watch the five minute video and take a free tour at

Media Contact:

Alethia W. Minor, Affiliate/Member



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