Recovery Mobile Clinic Provides Mobile Medical Outreach for Opioid Addiction in Southeast Michigan

By Aaron Webb on March 28, 2023

Recovery Mobile Clinic

Recovery Mobile Clinic provides medical outreach for opioid addiction recovery in Detroit and other areas of southeast Michigan including Lansing, Monroe and Pontiac. The business opened in February 2020.

President and founder Jordana Latozas says they provide

  • Mobile primary care
  • Recovery and maintenance
  • Detox service
  • Treatment for STDs
  • Treatment for hepatitis C and education that it is curable

Recovery Mobile Clinic is a godsend for those who need medical help but  have no reliable transportation. They partner with agencies and community organizations to reach people who need their help. Their outreach includes the Salvation Army, homeless shelters, food pantries, community churches, transitional houses and inpatient programs for those with mental health issues. The goal is to keep people out of the ER and bridge the gap for those who cannot get good medical care for substance abuse where they live.

Recovery Mobile Clinic currently has a staff of nine, 40% of which have experienced substance abuse and recovered.  Their tagline is “Every day is a great day to save a life!”

Jordana wants everyone to know that Recovery Mobile Clinic is geared toward the patient experience. They want people to feel empowered and secure in the knowledge they have made the right decision. I

Jordana started this business because she saw the need for treatment for people who do not have it locally. She saw this first hand due to the alcoholism of a family member. Her first job was in pain management, where she learned that accountability is very important. It’s necessary to own the problem and think forward with the solution.

Jordana has strong ties to the community. She was born in Highland, Michigan and sent to school at Detroit Mercy, Her Masters degree is from Wayne State University. She is a member of the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jordana has been nominated for Nurse Practitioner of the Year by a National Nurse Practitioner organization and the State Award of Excellence.

Jordanis is married with two children. She loves dogs and other animals and enjoys getting outdoors on the water with her husband.

Visit for more information.

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