Malcolm Bellew Graphic Designer

By Les Cseh on November 28, 2021

Do you have an idea for your business for a logo? Something you want for your sign, your business cards, t-shirts for your employees to wear? Meet Malcolm Bellew. Malcolm is a freelance graphic designer. He specializes in silkscreen printing, laying out business cards, logo creation and printing on all kinds of apparel. Located in Lakewood, Ohio, he works from his home where he has, and continues to, serve the Northeast Ohio area for the past three years. Everything Malcolm creates is “Designed with Integrity”.


I asked Malcolm what he thought sets him apart from his competition. He replied with, “My designs. A person can establish their identity through colors and designs. I love taking things to a new platform. I love taking someone’s idea, seeing it through their eyes and putting it into form. I let the design tell the story.” I also asked him what his ideal client looked like. “Someone who comes with a blank canvas. Be open minded. Even have some doubts in what a graphic designer does. At the same time, be willing to try. Let me do my job and allow me to create your vision for you.”

Now how about reviews? Malcolm has an amazing 5.0 Google rating! Here is what a couple of highly satisfied clients had to say about their experiences – “When I started my company we hired an expensive company to do our website for my landscape company and they did a horrible job, through a friend I got Malcolm’s number and we started with a logo and he showed me what he was capable of! I always set high expectations for someone when I pay for a service And he exceeded every expectation I had!!!! Truly a gifted artist in total he did my logo, website, truck and trailer designs, business cards, signs, web advertising and a couple other things. Truly a magical experience to see my company where it is now vs where it was before Malcolm, I would highly recommend it as my experience was fantastic!! Thanks again we are grateful!!!” – Garrett F. , and this one by Justin R. – “Malcolm has helped from the conception of my business. He helped me with all my design work, my marketing strategy, web page, and apparel. He always gives me exactly what I have in my head and then a couple of extra ideas. I usually end up going with his suggestions cause I’m always blown away with his idea in comparison to mine. Thanks for all the hard work!!!!” Some pretty great reviews if you ask me!

I chatted a little more with Malcolm and asked him some questions more about himself, rather than just business. Malcom was raised in Cleveland. He has lived in Lakewood since 2018. He has a girlfriend who runs a metaphysical Etsy shop. He enjoys music, and also writing music, and skating in his spare time. I asked him what he liked most about the Lakewood area and he stated “the community aspect and artwork”. He went into this business because “I like to help others. Even if I can’t help them myself. I’ll send them in the right direction. Everyone needs to show it’s not always about yourself. Recommendations to the places that can best help someone is what helps make the world go around. Be honest and transparent.”

I asked Malcolm why he chose this type of business to go into. His response was “I was working a string of dead end jobs. I had no plan in life. I decided to go back to college for graphic design at age 25. I was rebellious at 17 and didn’t want to go to college then, but wish now that I had. One of my instructors gifted me with a printing press. I wasn’t even able to turn on a computer, never mind being able to work one. I figured I’d never make it through. I ended
up being at the top of my class on graduation day.” I followed by asking if he could give one tip to anyone about hiring a graphic designer, what would it be? “Cheaper isn’t always better. You always get what you pay for. Check their work. Check their Google reviews. Call and speak to them before you decide – get a clear outline of what is expected from both parties. Communication is the key.”


If you are in need of design work, or know someone that needs work done, give Malcolm a shout. If he can’t help you, he’ll definitely send you in the right direction. Call Malcolm today at (216)312-3392 or drop him an email

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