Nancy’s Closet: A Beacon of Hope for Single Moms in Queen Creek, AZ

By Aaron Webb on May 31, 2023

Nancy's Closet

Queen Creek, AZ – Meet Nancy Haggerty, the heart and soul behind Nancy’s Closet AZ, a rebranded initiative that operates under a simple yet powerful tagline – “Helping Mom Warriors find their village one connection at a time.”

Celebrating its ninth anniversary this year, Nancy’s Closet has served the Queen Creek community with passion and purpose, echoing the words of its founder, “The more we can get the word out of the services we provide, the more families we can help to make a difference – in our own backyards – and beyond.”

Nancy’s Closet stands as a testament to Nancy’s vision and her relentless dedication to single mothers and their children. Nancy, a former Miss Fitness competitor and a seasoned entrepreneur, started Nancy’s Closet as a way to give back to the community by supporting those in need without all the red tape involved in having to “demonstrate” a need. This organization is now a vibrant ecosystem where leadership meets compassion, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the East Valley.

“We serve in three crucial niches God has called us to,” said Nancy, outlining the core services provided by Marketplace Matters and Nancy’s Closet: Our business owners/leaders, children/youth, and single parents. As an accomplished business coach, she mentors and advises business owners and leaders in the marketplace, provides a safe haven for kids and teens to hang out, and she further equips struggling single mothers with resources to improve their lives and raise community awareness through the local businesses and services she’s linked arms with.

The 40-year-old enterprise, born out of Nancy’s vibrant corporate career and desire to retire at 45, has no competition. Nancy firmly believes that “a rising tide raises all ships,” and “at the end of the day, we’re all just walking each other home,” thus cultivating a call to action with a spirit of collective growth and accountability rather than rivalry.


Despite not being a Queen Creek native, Nancy has fallen in love with the local community and has been running her thriving businesses from her home since 2014. Her outreach extends to the east valley of Phoenix, AZ, where she actively contributes to foster care and at-risk organizations, battered and abused women’s shelters, veterans, homelessness shelters, suicide prevention halfway houses, reaffirming her commitment to making a community-wide and Kingdom purpose impact.

Nancy’s passion for her work is reflected in her dedicated team of volunteers. She credits her extended LG family (her “core MM members), especially Kevin, a retired military veteran whose selfless service adds to the organization’s culture of influence.

Nancy’s Closet continues to grow, and its achievements have not gone unnoticed. In 2022, Nancy was honored with the Hometown Hero award in Queen Creek, AZ, a testament to her unwavering dedication to the community she loves. She has even been known to coalesce with powerhouse CEO’s such as Jamie Siminoff of Ring in an effort to bolster safety and security in the surrounding areas during a recent vandalism spree.

Aside from her work, Nancy is a passionate writer and an enthusiastic gardener. Training for Xterra events, she leverages her past hardships and adversities, alongside her long-term experience as a former athlete and Miss. Fitness competitor. Her unwavering faith is one to be admired, seeing herself – not as a victim but as an overcomer – to perpetually fuel her to run the race she’s been called to. With her family as her first ministry, she also loves spending time with her husband, two daughters and “happy Staffy,” Yara.

“I love the people of Queen Creek,” Nancy says with a smile. This adoration reflects not just in words but in her relentless efforts to make a difference in the lives of the people she serves through Nancy’s Closet, among other things. “It’s not about me, it’s about community. God gets all the glory. When we put relationships before results, and we are obedient”

to that, He provides the margin for the ‘other stuff’ to get done…that matters to Him. If we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem. Ultimately, the choice is up to us.”

With a powerful blend of business acumen and compassion, Nancy and her team are changing lives…one connection at a time. She invites the community to join her in this noble cause and help single mothers find their village.

For more information, please visit or contact Nancy Haggerty at

About Nancy’s Closet:

Nancy’s Closet, founded by Nancy Haggerty, is a community organization committed to helping single mothers feel seen, supported, and celebrated in Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas. Its whole-house parent organization further extends services to business owners and leaders (including but not limited to) mentoring and coaching, providing life group opportunities, tools, and resources, positively impacting the community on a comprehensive basis.


Name: Nancy Haggerty

Title: Founder and Facilitator


Phone: (480) 239-1069


Author: Aaron Webb

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