Maxwell Paderewski & Lone Star Injury Attorneys Will Go the Extra Mile

By Lisa Rodgers on May 4, 2021

Maxwell Paderewski

In 2019, Maxwell Paderewski founded Lone Star Injury Attorneys in Sugar Land, Texas, out of a desire to provide those who have been injured with the legal representation they deserve. Experiencing a personal injury can be a devastating ordeal for someone, and dealing with the legal aftermath can be just as taxing. Max’s goal is to ensure that his clients are compensated for the physical and mental anguish they’ve experienced by helping them through every step of the legal process; from contacting the insurance company to depositions and witness testimonies.

Max has been practicing law since 2016 and has too often seen many individuals forced to compromise on a settlement, not receiving the compensation they deserve. He feels it’s his responsibility to provide the best possible legal counsel to his clients to set them on the right path.

We sat down with Max for a brief interview to learn more about him and gain insight into his legal practice:

Q: What services do you provide?

A: “If you had to summarize it, any injury caused by the negligence of others is what we deal with. We help people recover from those losses; which include their medical bills, their lost wages, their pain and suffering, and their physical impairment. Not just the pain they’ve experienced, but the damage done to their life. A thing that people don’t focus enough on is the fact that a lot of these injuries are permanent. Mental anguish, depression, and anxiety; things that result from pain are also their own separate category. We do all the representation for them, and we negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf. I try to do my best for my clients. I want to make sure that they understand both the medicine and the law so that they know what their options are. I’ll tell them what’s likely to happen and ‘here are our options’, ‘this is what this is going to cost’ and things like that. But in the end, all the final decisions are theirs, and I just try to provide them with my recommendations and the options to give them a full scope of the situation.”

Q: What sets you apart from other law firms?

A: “One thing is that we get better results than an overwhelming percentage of personal injury firms. We can’t make promises because every case is different. But, generally speaking, we perform better. If you take the same case, the same injuries, and the same kind of situation that another firm has, we are able to receive higher amounts in a settlement. We’re able to get better results for the clients than other firms for the same injuries.”

“Another thing that sets us apart is that we go the extra mile. You want to be prepared. You want to do the deposition of the police officer. You want to do the deposition of the treating doctor to talk about the injuries. If there are other witnesses, you want to do their depositions too. Because you want to present the best evidence to the jury, you go the extra mile to make sure that you have the best chance possible if you go to trial. That’s how you’re going to get good results. By putting in the effort and working harder on the case; no stone left unturned.”

Q: Why did you go into this business?

A: “It comes down to that, I don’t think many other law firms are providing the quality of service people deserve. It can be done better. We can set the bar for the handling of personal injury cases. We can lead by example on how you should treat these people who are suffering. That’s why I’m doing this. Whether it’s something that I’ve learned or something I was born with, I don’t know. But I certainly find it a calling as a trial lawyer to keep people’s attention when explaining complicated subjects like physical impairment and mental anguish. You have to explain these complicated subjects in a digestible, understandable, and compassionate way. So that both juries and insurance companies can best understand what the damages are and what caused them.”

Lone Star Injury Attorneys

After learning about the services his firm provides, we learned more about Max’s personal life:

Q: What is the most significant event that ever happened to you?

A: “My father passed away a year and three months ago. It was a difficult time for my family, it was unexpected. He was a lawyer too. He taught me a lot, not necessarily about my area of law and personal injury, but certainly about good customer service and about treating people with respect and taking care of people even if they can’t give you any money. He would help people, essentially for free, because they needed help. So, you know, even if you don’t sign them up, you can set them on the right path and help them out.”

Max also commented on another significant event in his life that occurred during his time at UC Hastings.

“I met my wife in law school. She’s an attorney as well. We met on the first day. I asked her on a date within two weeks, and the rest is history. Now we’re married!”

Q: Do you support any charities or volunteer?

A: “Yes, I’m one of the founding members of a charity called DonorSee. It’s an organization that helps the neediest people in the world, with real results. You can really see the measurable difference that you are making in someone’s life.”

Q: What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

A: “I was a sign spinner for Cash for Gold before I went to law school. I would stand on the street and dance, holding a sign asking people to turn in their gold for money. It was a fun job!”

While on the topic of his life and hobbies, he also mentioned that, in addition to practicing law, he also practices stand-up comedy.

Q: What is the thing you like most about Sugar Land?

A: “The people are super friendly, and it’s changing so much all the time. It gets better and better all the time as you see new developments. It’s a great in-between because it’s a very quiet suburban city, but close enough to the big city of Houston. It’s a very safe, comfortable, quiet area close to a bunch of activity.”

We wrapped up the interview with one final question for Max:

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a personal injury attorney firm, what would it be?

A: “You want someone who is going to be personally invested in your case; an experienced trial attorney who isn’t afraid to go to trial and is prepared, and one that doesn’t just settle. You want someone who’s ready to step up and go the distance. It takes work to get really good results. You have to find a lawyer who has a game plan of putting in a lot of work, personally investing in your case.”

Lone Star Injury Attorneys provide legal counsel for those who have suffered personal injuries and will go the extra mile to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. You can contact them by calling (832) 219-9931. You can also visit their website Lone Star Injury Attorneys, PLLC, where you will find free resources providing information on personal injury law.




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