Minnie Jones ME Skincare: A Journey from Desperation to Healing for Eczema-Stricken Kids

By Scott Owens on February 9, 2024

ME Skincare

Victorville, CA – In the heart of our community, a remarkable journey unfolds as Minnie Jones, the compassionate founder of ME Skincare, takes on the battle against eczema that once plagued her own daughter. What began as a mother’s desperation has blossomed into a beacon of hope for countless families. Through ME Skincare, Minnie Jones is dedicated to transforming the lives of children suffering from eczema, one soothing remedy at a time. Her story is a testament to the power of love and determination, where personal struggle has ignited a mission to heal and comfort others.

ME Skincare

ME Skincare’ stands out in its commitment to pure, all-natural ingredients. Each product is handcrafted to ensure that not a trace of tea tree or lavender (common in commercial products but not suitable for those with eczema) finds its way into the mix. This thoughtful formulation highlights the brand’s dedication to gentle, effective skincare that is free from the additives that often complicate sensitive conditions.

Minnie Jones is a California native, born and raised in LA, now enjoying the welcoming atmosphere of Victorville, CA. Minnie does volunteer work at her daughters’ school, the Ryse Basketball team, as well as her local church, The Way of the Cross.

We sat down with Minnie for a quick interview.

Why do you do what you do?

“I started ‘ME Skincare’ out of a deep, maternal desire to soothe my daughter’s eczema. She used to get it so bad that she would itch herself until she started to bleed. For me it was a mission to make my daughter better no matter what. After seeing her relieved of eczema, I knew I had to turn our struggle into a sanctuary of healing and comfort for others facing similar struggles.”

ME Skincare

If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing an eczema friendly skin care product, what would it be?

“Without a doubt, read the product labels. If you do not know what an ingredient is, look it up. We have Google for that. You will be surprised to learn that even the products that are marketed for eczema relief often contain things that sufferers should avoid.”

Is there anyone that you would like to mention in this article?

“Of course, I give all honor to my Lord and savior God, I thank him for blessing me with my vision and talents. I know without Fatima Barnes, the owner/founder of CEO Charm School. I do not think I would have a business now. She taught me about strategy, marketing, and how to niche down.

“I also owe a lot to Ashli Quomony at SheRich Digital, who designed my website and beautiful product labels. Jamia Smith of CopyYourInfluence, through her SMS & email marketing strategies, helped me gain more visibility, retain customer contacts, and gain social media followers.

“I thank the Women’s Business Center & Coachella Women’s Business Center for all their support and many resources to help women entrepreneurs like me elevate their brand.

“I give a special shout-out to Hal and Terry Rose for their time and expertise.

“Lastly, but not least, I thank my loving and supportive family, my son, my spouse and particularly my 12-year-old daughter, who is now eczema FREE! She pops in and out to help mom put on product labels and do other tasks.”

For anyone facing the trials of eczema, particularly in children, I warmly encourage you to follow our journey on all social media platforms @meskincare18 and to contact us at ‘ME Skincare’. Dial 1-800-338-1389 or visit www.meskincare.online to discover a world where each product is crafted with care and compassion.

Do not navigate this journey alone; let ‘ME Skincare’ be your partner in finding the soothing relief you and your loved ones deserve.

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