Rock Paper Shine Is Single-Handedly Shaking Up the Custom Jewelry Market with Its Head-Turning Brilliance and Jaw-Dropping Designs

By Jason Messick on December 19, 2023

RockPaperShine - Fine Jewelry

Austin, TX – Krina Mehta, the founder of Rock Paper Shine, creates custom jewelry  that is unique and one-of-a-kind. She comes from a family immersed in jewelry-making, spanning four generations. It’s no surprise that she has been obsessed with designing jewelry for as long as she can remember. She was so fascinated by the incredible jewelry her father designed that she volunteered to work at his office just to learn how things operated. And now she is creating unique designs for her fabulous clients. To Krina, it’s a dream come true!

Krina MehtaKrina has a background as a physics major, and is on a mission to intertwine technology and jewelry for unique results. Krishna offers a personalized experience where she and her client communicate directly. She presents options and can whip up fresh new designs herself. It’s an interactive journey where your desires shape the process. If you suddenly feel like, “Hey, forget this design, I want something different,” or “I have this special stone I want to be in it,” Krina can make it happen. That’s where her flexibility kicks in. Unlike traditional approaches, she is not bound by strict rules on stones, metals or makers. She can work with you closely to deliver precisely what you’re after. Trust Krina, your vision will come to life!

We sat down with Krina for a quick interview.

Why do you do what you do?

“In today’s fast-paced world, everything feels mass-produced and lacking in individuality. That’s why I strive to give all my clients an unforgettable experience by creating custom pieces that are unique and one-of-a-kind. With each piece, I aim to capture the essence of my client’s personality and style, ensuring that their jewelry stands out from the mundane offerings of mass- produced corporate designs.

“As a fourth generation jewelry maker, creating stunning pieces is in my DNA. Having traveled the world, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for different cultures, stones and design elements. I incorporate these treasures into your one-of-a-kind design, ensuring a truly unique piece. My goal is simple yet extraordinary – to give all my clients an unforgettable experience and to craft pieces that will demand attention and stand out.”

What is the story behind your business name?

“My husband and I stumbled upon the winning idea during our spontaneous coffee brainstorming sessions. It was an incredible ‘ah ha!’ moment, because it perfectly captured the essence of my company’s personalization touch.

“The Rock symbolizes the precious stones and diamonds that catch the client’s eye. The Paper represents the intricate design process where we bring their vision to life. And Shine, that’s the magical touch that transforms their dreams into stunning reality. Can you believe it? It all started with a cup of coffee!”

Rock Paper Shine - Jelwelry

You are based in Austin, TX. Are you initially from Austin?

“Guess what? I’m a worldly individual. I have Indian roots, but I’ve experienced life in various places. I grew up in Thailand, completed my undergrad in the UK, and even interned in Switzerland. But you know what? The adventure didn’t stop there. I tied the knot and went to the US, where I completed my master’s in Austin. So you see, I’ve had the opportunity to call many places home, but Austin has a special place in my heart.”

If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a custom jewelry designer, what would it be?

“Flexibility is vital. It’s about truly understanding who you are as a person. When I inquire about your preferences and the type of piece you desire, I’m not just asking for your favorite Pinterest pins. I delve deeper, asking if you lean towards a particular shape or color. Let’s create something that genuinely reflects your desires beyond what catches your eye online.

“I’ve enjoyed creating engagement rings and collaborating with fiancés and wives. Sometimes, it’s about that inner knowing that maybe the initial design isn’t quite right, but it takes a conversation to discover that. Exploring all the possibilities, we can create a relaxed and satisfying experience where you get precisely what you want.”

For an unforgettable and mesmerizing gift that will leave your special recipient in awe, look no further than Krina Mehta and Rock Paper Shine. Get ready to impress someone with a one-of-a-kind piece or pieces of jewelry that are truly breathtaking.

Rock Paper Shine Austin, TX 78727

(737) 202-9011

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