My Life Tutors: Empowering Neurodivergent Individuals Toward Academic Success and Independence

By Michael Canipe on April 5, 2024

My life tutors - Academic Success and Independence

Washington, DC – In the realm of academic support, there exists a gap that goes beyond conventional tutoring services. For neurodivergent individuals—those with ADHD, autism, or learning disabilities—navigating college can present unique challenges that extend far beyond the classroom. Enter My Life Tutors, a beacon of guidance and support for neurodivergent teens and adults on their journey towards academic success and independence.

Julie Doar-Sinkfield

Founded by Julie Doar-Sinkfield, a seasoned educator and mother of three neurodivergent children, My Life Tutors takes a holistic approach to coaching and mentoring. Unlike traditional tutoring services, My Life Tutors focuses on equipping neurodivergent individuals with the essential life skills necessary for thriving in the college environment. From time management to advocacy for reasonable accommodations, the team serves as a dedicated partner in every aspect of their clients’ college experience.

Julie Doar-Sinkfield, CEO and Co-Founder, emphasizes the crucial role My Life Tutors plays in providing an extended off-ramp to independence or a natural on-ramp to adulthood. By instilling vital executive function skills and fostering independence, they empower their clients to create structures for success, both in academia and beyond. Through personalized coaching, mentorship and advocacy, the coaches guide neurodivergent individuals towards fulfilling their academic aspirations and achieving their professional goals.

Covering the contiguous 48 states, My Life Tutors welcomes clients from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. Primarily catering to parents seeking to support their neurodivergent children in college, My Life Tutors also collaborates with colleges to ensure students receive the comprehensive support they need. With a focus on preserving investments and fostering academic success, My Life Tutors addresses the critical need for tailored support in higher education and beyond.

Roadmap to College Graduation

Setting itself apart from the competition, My Life Tutors offers a unique blend of affordability, accessibility and personalized attention. While specialized programs for neurodivergent students are limited and often costly, My Life Tutors provides one-on-one support at a fraction of the cost. Working closely with clients on their schedules and offering daily communication, My Life Tutors ensures continuous support tailored to individual needs. Without requirements for specific institutions or career direction My Life Tutors helps its clients through all phases of transition.

Driven by a personal mission rooted in her own experiences as a parent and educator, Julie Doar-Sinkfield is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of neurodivergent individuals. With a team comprising dedicated professionals and contractors across the country, My Life Tutors stands ready to guide clients towards academic success and independence.

For those considering My Life Tutors, Julie Doar-Sinkfield offers a simple yet profound piece of advice: Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Recognizing that everyone needs assistance at some point and reaching out for support early can make all the difference in achieving the best outcomes.

As the tagline suggests, My Life Tutors is committed to creating an equitable world for all individuals regardless of their neurodiversity. With a passion for making a real difference in people’s lives, My Life Tutors invites prospective clients to enroll at any time, offering support that transcends the confines of traditional academic schedules.

In essence, My Life Tutors embodies a vision of empowerment, advocacy and inclusion, paving the way for neurodivergent individuals to thrive in academia and beyond.


My Life Tutors

Phone: (202) 774-6231

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