Rebecca Sheer Wants To Provide The Best Baking Supplies To Bakers, From The Aspiring to Professional Bakers, To Be The Best Baker They Can Be In San Antonio

By Robert Swart on December 27, 2021

Rebecca Steer

For the past 6 years, Rebecca Sheer and her Sheer Celebrations team have been helping people from aspiring bakers to professional bakery owners with the best baking supplies. She believes that every celebration needs a cake and Sheer Celebrations will go out of their way to ensure every baker has all the quality supplies required to deliver a cake worthy of the celebration.

“What makes us different is 100% our customer service. First and foremost, we care about our customers, and we care about the products we carry.

I was a hotel manager for 20 years and I try to instill that sense of customer service from the hospitality industry in my team to go above and beyond and really listen to our customers and help them. Our customers become our family.

Nobody is a number or another opportunity to sell them something. We are on the journey with them, and we want to know and see the results of their baking.  Send us your pictures!

I believe it is because of our customer service that people are willing to drive out from places like Pleasanton and others around San Antonio to visit our store.

Every product on our shelves has been tried, tested, and is recommended by us. I believe if a product is no good, you won’t see it on our shelves. Especially during the pandemic, we had some inventory issues. If I cannot get the quality product and size I want, I may carry the same quality product in a different size, but I will not carry a bad product just to have that specific product type and size available.

We try to carry lines that you can’t find locally that are only available online. We carry many products and our customers have learned over time to come to us first because we will most likely carry the item before they venture online and must wait for delivery.

I believe integrity is going to stand longer than to sell someone a cheap product that makes them unhappy.

We also have two 3D printers on site. We print our own cookie cutters, fondant and cookie stamps, cake toppers, and cupcake toppers. Sometimes a customer will have a request for a very specific shape cookie-cutter that we don’t have in the shop. We will design and 3D-print it to the customer’s specification. If you have an idea for a custom product then you can speak to us.”

The Sheer Celebrations team’s unique approach has also earned them rave reviews from their clients as can be seen from some of the reviews below.

“This is my go-to spot for all my baking/decorating needs. Even now not living in San Antonio, I still order from Sheer Celebrations. The staff/owner are so friendly and amazing. Highly recommend checking them out (even if not local to San Antonio)” – Stephanie

“Always great service! The ladies here are attentive, and the owner is so nice. They have a variety of inventory and if you need something specific, they’re always very helpful. So glad I found this place! Time and time again, they don’t disappoint.” – Franchesca

“Ms. Sheer and her employees are super friendly, very helpful, knowledgeable, and I love shopping at Sheer Celebrations. I message custom order requests and in a few days, they are ready for me to pick up. I can order supplies for my daughter-in-law and have them ship to her and she receives them quickly. I’ve been taking classes and shopping here for a year and a half and I am so happy to have found this hidden treasure when I needed it the most. I have a hobby now that has saved my life.”- Maritza

Rebecca is the proud owner of a four-legged pug and the owner of Sheer Celebrations a native, born and raised in Upstate New York. She originally moved to San Antonio in 2001 for a job in the hotel industry but then 9/11 hits and she lost her job. She lost her father a month later and she felt lost. After staying with her uncle in Miami, she moved back to Pennsylvania where she went to school. This was when, in 2005, she realized that San Antonio was where she wanted to be and came back to San Antonio in April 2005. She just knew that this is the place she wanted to call home.

She is a strong believer in supporting the local family-run businesses and carries inventory from other small family-run businesses. These business relationships have resulted in a great source of referral business amongst each other.

Even during the Covid-19 lockdowns, people asked her why she is paying her workers. For Rebecca, it was about doing the right thing. She says that for as long as she has money in the bank, she will continue to pay her employees and they will have a job. She wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Her mother resides in Upstate New York and comes down during winters and is super excited to come down this December. She helps in the shop, and everybody knows her.

Rebecca is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to her community. High standards of professionalism and the strong work ethics of small business owners like Rebecca are the foundation of the San Antonio economy.

Sheer Celebrations supports a different fundraiser each year because she believe in spreading the love around. Their support is usually in memory of her dad, and they have supported the Leukemia and lymphoma societies in the past. They are also active with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital because her father was active in supporting St Jude during his lifetime.

We sat down with Rebecca for a quick interview –

Q: How did you get into this profession?

A: “I was an assistant general manager at a local hotel and one of my friends said that she has signed us up for baking classes. I told her that I don’t have time for the classes because I must work 12/15-hour days 6 days a week. She didn’t take no for an answer.

I was late to class every single week. At the time I got there they were already 3 pages into the lesson, and it made me so mad because it has been like 2 minutes into the lesson. I ended up loving it and it became my stress reliever.

I ended up taking all levels of baking classes offered by them and then I looked online. I found Simi Cakes and Confections (it is one of the products we carry) and they were going to be in Dallas. I had a friend in Dallas and asked her to go to this sugar show.  I learned to pull and blow sugar and fell in love with it. I would go anywhere that this young lady was teaching. I started competing and I won and then I realized that actually, I may be pretty good at it.

The staff at the hotel were very disappointed that I didn’t open a bakery because they were my guinea pigs testing everything that I made.

Before opening the doors of my store 6-years ago, I have attended baking and decorating classes and competed in many competitions. I have not won the biggest prizes, but I have won many ribbons at the North Dallas Sugar Show competition, several years in a row. Now Sheer Celebrations is a sponsor at some of the events and will become a vendor at the next “That Takes the Cake Show” in Round Rock, Texas in February 26-27, 2022. So, you can say we have come to the full circle.

I love baking and decorating and want it to continue to be my stress reliever even though it is part of my job.

I still do my bake and decorating classes here that give me an outlet for my creative side helping people with their baking and decorating, but I love the supply and retail side of it. Sort of the best of both worlds.

I got dragged into a baking decorating class that has changed my life. You never know that one decision in your life that can change everything. Now 9/10-years later from that first class and a couple of training classes and competitions in between, I decided it was time to open the doors of my shop, Sheer Celebrations. That was 6-years ago, and I never looked back.

We have been an American Cake Awards 2020 finalist for the Best Retailer Award. Due to the pandemic, the banquette keeps on being postponed. So, we never knew who won but it was a great honor just to be nominated.

A local TV station came out to try to award us the Blue Plate Award, but they found out we don’t serve food so that they couldn’t give us the reward. We have been in the running for various awards and got close, but unfortunately no awards yet.”

Sheer Celebrations

Q: Being a supplier to bakers, Rebecca works directly with many people, we asked her what’s the most unusual situation that ever happened to her on the job?

A: “We are a child-friendly store, but we do get asked if there is a backroom for, let’s say, different shaped cookie cutters. We tell them, no, but we do have a naughty box with more unusually shaped cookie cutters, molds, and things in there.

It is so funny to see the human reaction to the naughty box because some people are really excited while others are very shy.”

 Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a baking supplier, what would it be?

A: “Start with the brands you can trust. So, find those great brands that are quality products.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the companies and ask questions. For me, if someone answers me that is a great plus on their side. If you never hear back from them or they send you all over the place; you must speak to this department or we don’t answer on social media or we only answer on social media, this will give you a good idea of where you fall in the importance to that company.

Find a company that really cares about you and what you want to achieve and are prepared to listen.”

 Q: What do you love about your community/city?

A: “It is the friendliness of the people and the diverse culture in San Antonio that drew me here.  The southern hospitality is difficult to refuse. ”

 Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: “Baking and decorating are for sure my hobbies but when time allows, I like to crochet. I normally dust off the flute once a year at Christmas time when the family gets together. My cousin is the pianist and I play the flute for the family.”

For those of you who are looking for a serious professional baking supplier for any type of baking, Rebecca and her Sheer Celebrations team should be your first choice. Call Rebecca at (210) 530-1637, or visit – The One Stop Shop for Baking Supplies!

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