Our Goal Is Your Success!!!

By Les Cseh on April 23, 2022

Mobile Notary

You are home for the day. You have no way to get out to do anything. Suddenly, the mail comes and there are important documents that need to be notarized and sent back immediately. What ever shall you do? Never fear! Pick up your phone and give Madelene Wade, Mobile Notary a call. She can come to you! Madelene is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. She covers Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County and Union County.

The list of services Madelene provides is extensive. She will notarize: affidavits, jurats, power of attorney, wills, acknowledgements, lease financial documents, business documents, medical records, vehicle transfer, adoption papers, prison inmate documents, government forms, personal statements, travel letters, birth certificates, minor travel consent forms, bylaws, certificates of non-marital status, corporate documents (mergers, amendments, etc.), deeds of assignment, distributorship agreements, marriage certificates, papers for adoption purposes, lease agreements, school records (diplomas, transcripts, letters relating to degrees, etc.), references and job certifications, trademarks, real estate loan packages, reverse mortgages, estate planning, living trusts, DMV loan documents, legal witness letters, and any other document that can legally be notarized. Madelene takes pride in the fact that, “Being mobile means we can meet your borrowers, buyers and sellers anywhere, simply stated – Our Goal is Your Success! Accountability, excellence, integrity – these key qualities and our commitment to excellence can be measured in every aspect of our business”.

I asked Madelene what she feels sets her notary business apart from others. She replied with, “Our extensive database of experienced attorney states loan signing agents can perform all types of loan signings, even RE attorney assisted”. She has been in this business for 10 years. I also asked her if she could share a tip in choosing a notary, what would she offer? “Confirm their experience and the key qualities they are offering to their clients such as accountability, commitment to excellence and integrity”, she answered.

I wanted to get to know a bit about Madelene as a person, beyond her business, so I asked her a few questions geared more toward her and her life. She has been married for 24 years and has three children. She was born and raised right in the Jersey City area. I asked what the best part about living there was. She said, “The diversity of the people is like a mini New York”. I asked her what the most significant event that has ever happened was, to which she replied, “The most significant pleasant event in my life was when I did a signing for a celebrity, who for confidentiality reasons, I can not name”.
Madelene does volunteer work through her church.

Madelene Wade

Now, if you don’t believe me about how great Madelene is, take a look at the business on Google and check out those reviews. A perfect 5.0!! This is what just one happy client had to say about the service she received; “I was so happy when I searched up Notary near me and got this incredible yet very professional women who not only help me better understand the details of what it means to know your background about getting your papers notarized, but she helped me better know how many people out there don’t know all the new laws going on that update daily . She was able to inform us of the new laws to make sure my mind was at ease. Highly recommended, absolutely and she travels which helps some who are dealing with travel issues . Thank you for your service, an absolute pleasure to meet in person and over the phone . 1st impression is a Plus for me, just you wait and see when you give her a call .”- Christina R She sounds like a  very happy client to me!

If you are in need of a notary, whether you are able to get out or need someone to come to you, give Madelene Wade Mobile Notary a call. She will be more than happy to sign just about anything that Our Goal Is Your Success!!!is needed.

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