Pet Lovers of Arlington

By Les Cseh on November 29, 2021

Reneé Harvey

Imagine you need to go out of town for an emergency, or a work trip. At the last minute, you find out the person that normally cares for your pets gets sick and can’t watch them for you. What are you going to do? You can’t just leave them home alone!! In comes Reneé Harvey and Pet Lovers of Arlington to save the day! Based in Arlington, Texas, Reneé serves the greater Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth areas, giving folks a place to board their pets. Other services Reneé offers include pet sitting, pet support, and help with getting pets to the vet.

Reneé works with her mother and daughter, so it’s truly a family business. I asked Reneé why she went into this business. She answered with this simple reply, “We had a wedding in our back yard, so we had to board our dogs. When we went to pick them up, my Mom’s dog couldn’t even walk. Turns out they were kept in hard bottom crates all weekend”. She decided right then and there that would be the last time they would be boarded somewhere like that. She did some research before she had a need to board again and found a business that was WONDERFUL with them. This is the model she based Pet Lovers of Arlington after in 2014. She treats each animal she boards like a member of her family.

There are a few safety measures Reneé asks that pet parents adhere to before bringing their fur babies in for boarding or pet sitting. All animals must be up to date on their shots and flea protection. Dogs should be able to walk on a leash in a manner that no one gets injured. Reneé requests a meet and greet before taking on any new client, to make sure everyone can get along just fine.

Reneé Harvey

I wanted to get to know a bit more about Reneé as a person, not just as a business owner. I asked her a few questions about her. The first was about her family. She is married with grown children and grandchildren. She has lived in Arlington for the past 13 years, but was raised in Fort Worth. I asked her what she liked best about the Arlington area. She said, “There is so much to do here, you will never get bored!” She is a fan of the Texas Rangers. In her spare time she likes to read, talk about the bible, and go bike riding.

I asked Reneé about the most memorable client she’s ever had. After she replied that “they all are”, she told me of a couple that really stick out in her memory. “We had a dog that we kept at least 150 times. She’d be back every couple of weeks. We loved having her with us.” and this one “There was a long time client whose dog was at the end of life. The client just couldn’t bear to go alone to the vet that day. So I went with them, to help them get through what they had to do to help their best friend go.”

Pet Lovers of Arlington

If you have a need for boarding or pet sitting, or just need a helpful hand getting to a vet with your pet, give Reneé at Pet Lovers of Arlington a call or drop an email today. This is the place where “We treat your dog like our own”. You can see that in the compassion Reneé shows by helping folks. From welcoming the same dog in 150 times, to helping an owner say goodbye to a beloved baby. Reach out today!! (817) 774-5524

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