Priscilla’s Cakes

By Les Cseh on December 10, 2021

Priscilla Turner

Are you looking for that fabulous, one of a kind cake for your special occasion? Have a birthday or wedding coming up and want something spectacular? Meet Priscilla Turner of Priscilla’s Cakes, located in Columbus, Ohio. Priscilla has been in business officially for 6 years, but has been baking on the side for 26 years. She runs her business from her home, and while most of her clients pick up their orders, she does do some delivery as well.

Priscilla’s Cakes specializes in cakes, cupcakes and cakesicles. Priscilla prides herself on helping her clients save time preparing for their special occasions. I asked her what she thought set her apart from the crowd. This is what she had to say, “I put my heart and soul into every cake. I get so much joy from the look on client’s faces when they see their cake. I love being a part of someone’s special day. I tend to be less expensive than some of the other bakeries as well. I don’t have a shop to pay for, or employees to pay.”

Priscilla Turner

I asked Priscilla some questions about her, not so much as a business woman, but personally. She is married and has 3 children. She has lived in the Columbus area all of her life. The thing she loves most about the area is, “The diversity of people, they represent all walks of life.” Priscilla collects Wonder Woman memorabilia and lighthouses in her spare time. She is a fan of the Buckeyes and the Clippers.

Now, how about reviews? Priscilla has an absolutely amazing Google rating of 5.0. Here is what some happy clients had to say about their experiences: “Priscilla made our son’s birthday cake just as we wanted, and it was delicious! If anyone is looking for a reasonably priced custom cake that tastes as good as it looks, then give Priscilla’s Cakes your business!” – Chelsea N. Or this one from Deborah R. – “She made my son’s cake for his birthday and it turned out so nice!!! Amazing work!” Those sound like a couple of very happy ladies!

I asked Priscilla what the most significant thing that has ever happened to her. She replied quickly with “Having my children. Parenthood is so very hard, but so very, very worth it,” with a smile in her voice. Her youngest child is 21. Her baking business began with baking for friends and family. It then progressed when she became disabled. Now, it’s the only thing she can do because she can do it in her own home, at her own pace.

Priscilla Cakes

When asked for one tip she would give readers when looking for a bakery, Priscilla had this to say, “Please don’t wait until the last minute. As soon as you know you are going to need a cake, make that phone call. Sometimes we are booked up to a year in advance for certain dates. But at the very least, please give us a 30 day heads up”.

So when you are looking for that special touch for your wedding, or that birthday party you are throwing, and you need the perfect cake, give Priscilla’s Cakes a call. She can make all your sweet dreams come true! Call today (614) 584-2351 or email

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