Pretty Committee: A Unique Online Children’s Boutique that Empowers Kids with Identity and Style

By Aaron Webb on May 4, 2023

Pretty Committee

Houston, TX – Remona Walcott, owner of Pretty Committee, is changing the way parents shop for their children with her unique, high-quality, and affordable clothing selection. Inspired by her roots in the Virgin Islands and her own children’s love for fashion, Remona launched Pretty Committee in 2020 as an online boutique offering clothes, shoes, and accessories for infants to teenagers.

Catering to families in Houston and Pearland, Texas, as well as nationwide, Pretty Committee provides children with a sense of identity through distinctive clothing options. “I promise that in a classroom of 20, there may be one other person having on the same clothes,” says Remona, emphasizing the uniqueness of her products. As a minority-owned business, Pretty Committee stands out from the competition by offering affordability and flexibility through after-pay and affirmed payment options.

Remona Walcott

Remona’s passion for fashion and her determination to create a business that truly benefits her customers was ignited by her daughter Sophie’s interest in style. Her journey began with exploring drop-shipping, eventually leading her to obtain an LLC and begin making clothes herself. The more she delved into the process, the more she enjoyed it, leading to her successful business today.

Born in the Virgin Islands and currently residing in Houston, Remona has strong ties to her local community. Her family, including her three children, work with her to support the business. In addition, she has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from her customers.

When asked about her most significant business event, Remona recounts her experience with pop-up shops in Houston. After choosing a more affordable option, she not only made a huge return on investment, but also got booked for three additional events at no cost.

Remona’s advice to those considering Pretty Committee is to “be consistent in your business. People are watching you and keep going! People like consistency.” She extends her commitment to affordability to everyone by offering discounts to members, as well as hosting raffles for her customers.

With the tagline of “Come get pretty with me. Pretty Committee!”, Remona Walcott’s boutique is growing rapidly and changing the way parents shop for their children’s clothing. Her unique and high-quality offerings, as well as her dedication to customer satisfaction, make Pretty Committee the go-to choice for stylish, affordable children’s wear.

For more information about Pretty Committee, visit their Facebook page and check out their distinctive logo featuring a tree with trousers, a dress, and a hat.


Name: Remona Walcott

Title: CEO

FB: @PrettyCommittee340

Phone: (561) 268-7168


Author: Aaron Webb

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