Reinventing Travel: The Story of

By Colt Schroeder on May 15, 2024 Reinventing Travel

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Victor Nikonets, a seasoned traveler and innovative entrepreneur, has embarked on a revolutionary journey with his latest venture, This platform isn’t just a business; it’s a bold step towards transforming how we experience travel. Victor’s extensive travel history and his previous entrepreneurial success with Aviato Club, a hostel chain that reached $ 12 million in annual revenue, are the foundations on which is built. His deep understanding of the industry’s needs and the gaps left by existing platforms are driving the innovation and user focus of

A New Era of Booking: Full Transparency

Victor’s brainchild,, arose from a simple conversation over beers—reflecting the spontaneity that often sparks genius. The idea? A marketplace for booking vacation rentals and hotels, a stark contrast to models like Airbnb. But what truly sets apart is its unique approach to travel. It’s not just about finding a place to stay but about enriching the journey. Every interaction with the platform rewards users—sign up and receive a $20 credit plus 15% off. Further engagement continues the rewards. This innovative model encourages active participation and loyalty, reshaping user expectations about travel booking platforms.

Photo Left to Right: Victor Nikonets, Emily Wilson , Aleksandr Iurev

Catering to a Global Audience

With an ambitious expansion to host over 2 million hotels worldwide, aims to cater to a global audience, offering unparalleled access to discounted accommodations without the burden of commissions—only the necessary taxes apply. This global reach is not just about quantity but quality, providing authentic experiences through user-generated video reviews that bring destinations to life before booking.

Designed for the Modern Traveler

Victor understands his audience: young, tech-savvy individuals hungry for quick, engaging content to aid their decision-making. is designed for those who consume digital content voraciously, often influenced by platforms like TikTok. This demographic looks for quick, reliable information, and delivers just that with its straightforward, incentive-laden user experience. From the moment they sign up and receive a $ 20 credit plus 15% off, to their continued engagement that earns them more rewards, every step is designed to keep them engaged and excited about their travel plans. - Reinventing Travel

A Foundation Built on Experience and Passion

Victor’s extensive travel history and previous entrepreneurial success with Aviato Club sowed the seeds of This hostel chain reached $12 million in annual revenue. The decision to sell during the pandemic and pivot to this new venture was fueled by a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and the gaps left by existing platforms.

Community and Connection at the Core

At its core, is more than a travel service; it’s a community hub for travelers worldwide. It champions a participative ecosystem where users not only find great deals but contribute to the platform’s richness through their reviews and experiences. Victor and his team, including co-founders Alex and Emily, prioritize customer engagement, believing that the best business insights come directly from user feedback. This commitment to community involvement and continuous improvement ensures that every user feels valued and part of the family.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, is not resting on its laurels. The team is actively working on integrating with major online travel agencies like and even exploring opportunities with Google Travel. But these are just the first steps in Victor’s grand vision for He envisions a future where is synonymous with innovative, user-focused travel experiences, where travelers can find and book their dream accommodations with ease and confidence, and where the platform continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs and expectations of its users.


Victor Nikonets’ journey with illustrates a vibrant fusion of entrepreneurship and passion set against the backdrop of the ever-evolving travel industry. For travelers seeking a seamless, rewarding booking experience and for anyone inspired by tech innovation, represents the future—accessible, and engaging.

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