The Visionary Behind Woodside’s Best Eyecare: Jun Fernandez’s Eyellusion Vision Center

By Antonio Mansueto on May 15, 2024

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Woodside, NY – Jun Fernandez is a name synonymous with exceptional optometry services in Woodside, New York, and beyond. With over three decades of experience in the field, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to his three thriving optical stores: Eyellusion Vision Center in Woodside, Eye Q Optical in Forest Hills and his online venture BLAKSPECS Eyewear.

From Cagayan de Oro City to New York: A Legacy of Vision

The story of Jun’s journey begins in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, where his passion for optometry was nurtured under the influence of his family’s optical business. After earning his doctor of optometry degree from Southwestern University in Cebu in 1983, he ventured to New York, bringing with him a legacy of care and expertise that would soon blossom into his own American dream.

Comprehensive Care for the Community

Eyellusion Vision Center, the cornerstone of his practice, was established 22 years ago and quickly became a community staple. Catering to a diverse clientele that spans the five boroughs of New York City, Jun’s establishments offer a full range of optometry services. From diagnosing refractive errors to prescribing sophisticated prescription and sunglass lenses including the much sought-after drill mounts, Jun’s facilities are equipped to handle all optical needs.

A Team That Sees More Than Eye to Eye

Eyellusion Vision Center 2

At the heart of Jun’s success are his resolute teams across all locations. His staff, many of whom have been with him for over 15 years, are a testament to the family-like atmosphere he has cultivated. Notable team members include:

  • Dr. Seul Ki Lim, Dr. William Kwik, Dr. Katherine Gut and Dr. Paula Nutis (the doctor at BLAKSPECS Eyewear): These skilled optometrists bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enhancing the quality of care offered.
  • Maria, Mariana, Vieme, Bobby, Caryl Chelsea, Tina, Robert, Derek and Chelsea: Each staff member contributes uniquely to the seamless operation and warm customer service that Jun’s clientele have come to expect and love.
  • Earl Fernandez, who has worked for the organization for seven years and is Dr. Jun Fernandez’s son.

A Personal Approach to Optometry

What sets Jun’s practice apart is not just his extensive experience or the high-tech solutions provided but also his personal commitment to his patients’ satisfaction. At Eyellusion Vision Center, a promotion of buying one pair of glasses and getting another free, paired with the ability to customize lens shapes, highlights Jun’s dedication to customer service and value.

Beyond Business: A Hub for the Filipino Community

Located in what is affectionately known as Little Manila, Eyellusion Vision Center serves as more than just an optometry practice; it is a community hub for Filipinos in the area. It reflects Jun’s commitment to serving his community, providing a slice of home as well as superior optical care.

The Future Looks Bright

With the upcoming launch of BLAKSPECS Eyewear, Jun aims to extend his reach from local to global, offering his expert services online to cater to customers across the United States, Canada and the Philippines. This expansion signifies not only growth but also adaptability, embracing the digital evolution in optometry.

What Our Customers Say

Hear directly from our patients about their experiences at Eyellusion Vision Center. These reviews reflect the commitment and care we strive to provide every day, ensuring that our community not only receives excellent eye care but also feels welcomed and valued.

Jun Fernandez stands as a pillar of the optometry community in Woodside and beyond. His blend of technical expertise, personalized care and community involvement makes his practice a preferred choice for anyone seeking comprehensive eye care. As Eyellusion Vision Center and its sister stores continue to serve their communities, they maintain a vision not just for improved sight, but for a better, closer community.

Eyellusion Vision Center Customer reviews

Eyellusion Vision Center – Your Destination for Modern Eye Care

Visit Our Eyellusion Vision Center. We encourage all our valued patients to embrace the benefits of comprehensive eye exams. These exams offer a valuable opportunity to diagnose common eye conditions and ensure eye health. During the process, our Woodside eye doctor will meticulously assess your retina for any potential signs of disease. We always consider your current health and whether you wear contact lenses.

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